Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Job Interview assessment over!

I have finally had my interview assessment today (for workplace communication skills), and I have to say, the questions were not what I expected. I guess because I actually did quite well for the simulation, I thought Mdm. Christina would be harder on me besides other individuals. And it didn't help matters that I ratted on and on about China, when my job placement was at Singapore! Haha....

But apart from that, I managed to peek at the answer scheme that she had marked, and I felt I did quite well =) Or maybe it's just Mdm Christina leading me on =p

Haha...but I made through it! And I am still alive to tell the tale! ^_^

Before that, I came quite early (like at 8.30 am when my actual interview was at 11.45 am), to read through the newspapers in case she has some pertinent questions about the country (of the job) I am applying for. I was reading about the next ASEAN summit to be held in Singapore in November, to the climate change there. And I didn't even have the appetite to eat breakfast! And thanks to that, I was already hungry by 11 am. -_-"

And Nick said he was going for lunch...the details of his SMS below:

"Good luck for ya interview. Gonna go have my lunch now. =p mm... Food is good... Haha..."

CIS..... -_-"


wei khee said...

*cough cough* hahaha. lets laugh at others tomorrow ok? :D

choulyin.tan said...

yes! We shall laugh at Ronnie! *evil grin*