Sunday, September 02, 2007

Of Pitcher plants and late posts...

Well, not at all proud to say that I am the last of the 3 musketeers to post up this post filled with pitcher plant pictures....

Was actually waiting to watermark all my pictures because a certain 'SOMEONE' told me to watermark it in the unfortunate event that other people will take it and claim it for their own. In the end, HE's the one that didn't watermark any of his pics...cis...

But not gonna talk so much about it, just gonna let you all enjoy the pictures I have taken =) I actually took more than that, but since I don't want to bore you to death (and also because I have forgotten some of the names), I will not put up TOO many pics ^_^



well, I did a little bit of roaming whilst we were waiting for Wei Khee to arrive, and so I took the advantage to take a picture of this. Do you know that this obelisk monument is the reference point from where other settlements like 7th mile, 10th mile, 3rd mile, etc.. are measured?

Nepenthes jungle delight.

Nepenthes Ventricosa

Nepenthes Kuchingensis

Nepenthes Ramispina x Sanguineae

Nepenthes Truncata

This pitcher plant, I don't know the name, but I think it looks quite lovely, kinda like a little angel flying =)

This is an even more little plant, but it's hard to see from the picture, as I zoomed in and you can't see the leaves relative to its size

So, just for conversations' sake, what do you think this picture reminds you of? If you answered 'toilet bowl', I would say you are right ^_^ So how did it get its name? Well, specifically, this pitcher plant species was discovered by Chi'en Lee (Pn Jo's friend ^.~ ), and being a Malaysian himself, and since it looked so much like a toilet bowl, he decided to give it tribute by naming it Nepenthes Jamban =)

The unfortunate victim

I like this pic. It sure puts a dash of humour into the world of carnivorous plants

Nepenthes Hamata

This is our rendition of shock for the Nepenthes Jamban =p

Presenting, Nepenthes! ^_^

Four of us posing for the camera with Wei Khee helping us to take the pic =)

This was at Frappe, where we went to after the exhibition, supposedly for the Brownie ice cream, but they were out of stock of them that day! -_-"

Group photo! Lil had to ask a very kind uncle to help us take this pic =)

Haha, this is Wei Khee trying to act pengemis (beggar)

On our way home, we had our final phototaking session! This was taken in Ron's car =) feel really proud and grateful to have them as my friends ^_^

You might have noticed that I didn't type some of the scientific names for some of the plants. Well, that's because it's SHOULD be easily readable in the accompanying label in the pictures =) If not, you can click on the pictures for a larger view of the picture =p



emmanuel said...

amazing plants. i always thot it was a cool thing for plants to eat insects n small animals like frogs.

Chen said...

LOL at the toilet bowl pitcher plant :D