Monday, October 15, 2007

Ehon's 21st...

I admit....super late post....two weeks late, in fact...*paiseh*

So........last 30 Sept 2007 was Ehon's bday...^^ and since we couldn't go teman him at Ipanema that night, we (me, lil, ge) decided to celebrate his bday for him at Kaya and Toast, Tabuan Jaya branch.

The birthday cake ---> cheesecake =) *slurps*

The birthday boy

Making a wish and blowing out the candles...

Yea, the three of us had to stuff his mouth...literally =p

Me and my lil bro

The three of us chimuis =)

There were actually some more pictures...but most of them was taken with Ge's haven't had the chance to get it from her yet....but will try to get it asap! =)

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