Saturday, October 20, 2007


A very big thank you to everyone who made the International Day of Prayer for Peace a success!!!! After a grueling 7 hour preparation (not including all those wednesday evenings planning for it), we finally managed to pull it off! An approximate number of 40 people came, and I think it was quite favourable!!! ^^

So I would like to thank:

Isaac : for giving me this opportunity to organise this event with Gary

Gary : for being co-organiser with me

Pn Stella : for all the help in liaising with the school for the use of the auditorium and the young boys for enlisting their help

Norman : Thanks for all the lanterns and the banners! really superb =)

Jasmine and Agan : you guys did a great job emcee-ing! I wouldn't have done better ^^

Kevin, Ambia and Salim : Great bonfire! the best we had in ages!

Howard : good work with the powerpoint slides! It was a pleasure having you with us

Ronnie and Lilian : Great prayer cards, affirmation slips, candles, and for all the beautiful lanterns hanging from tiang to tiang =p

Jonas : thanks for doing the documenting of the day!

Jonathan : Thanks for doing everything you can to help us out, be it getting the extension cords, or even getting old newspapers and stuff =p

Raphael : Thanks for helping us arrange the auditorium into some semblance of order ^^

Caesar : Thanks for helping us with the lanterns and the arranging of the tealight candles around the pond

All young boys : Thanks for taking the time out from your exams to help us in our event ^^

Photographers : Thanks for taking the photographs for us! =)

RC boys : Thanks for providing support in terms of safety emergencies =)

All those present : Thanks for coming and making this day a success!!!

Basically, that's it..if there is anyone out there that I forgot to mention, I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to forget you were equally important to this event ^^

We managed to collect quite a large amount of money, and the money will be used to buy necessities for the children in the children's home located at Jalan Uplands.

No pics for now...will upload them when I have the chance ^^

*updated* Thanks also to Wei Khee for being such a great sport whenever the three of us are discussing our activities for this event, and for giving opinions where it's needed (and not needed as well) =p

*updated* Thanks to Paulynn for helping us out as well =) Thanks for distributing the fliers, hanging up the lanterns, as well as collecting the donations! ^^

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emmanuel said...

wow! ride on! doin a great job girl! good good! sounds inspiring.