Thursday, December 06, 2007

CPAASC Leadership camp

The leadership camp has come and gone, but only now then I have the time to upload these pics. Enjoy!


The evening sky

Ron couldn't resist..I know I look weird -_-"

But I have a partner!

Shell Crabs?

Trigwell the wandering sheep searching for turtle eggs

Is it here?

Found it!

Next, she has to go past the five legged race

Wei Khee having the time of his life, clinging on to three girls!

Committee shoot after the games

Jacob, the game master defeated by Ang

Annie Lee, Lydia Lee, Audrey Liew, Me

Jacob, Hui Yu, Me, Jacq

Shaman and I

Wei Khee's camera shy *_*

Lil and I at the beach =)

BSB cover shoot = Wei Khee, Ron, Jacob, Barnabas, Shaman

Sea animals

Wei Khee berjiwang-ing

Shaman mencabar wk

Wei Khee menyahut cabaran (accepts)

And the fight commences

It is a tough battle to determine the winner

As the fight goes on, weariness can be seen in their faces

The final battle

Old men

Chimuis =)

Five of us at the beach =)

Lil and I with our 'balls' ^^

My little moo moo wans to play ball

With my roommates

Our beautiful feet

Wei Khee wanting to show off his muscles ler... -_-"

Group photo of the participants of the camp

Committee pic =)

Photo with my assistant secretary for the camp, Miss Audrey Liew =)

Vice OC's, Hui Yu and Jacqueline

Haha...Sha wants to steal the whole hamper -_-"

The view of the Sarawak River from the Santubong Bridge

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