Monday, February 18, 2008

Good things come in threes

Number 1: CNY visiting!!!

Mr Lim's dog, which is called Goofy..haha...macam poser ler..the moment he saw my camera coming near him, he sat down and started posing -_-""

Our rombongan at Mr Lim's house =)

Number 2: Out with my cousins at Tao =)

Alex and Lucy, both of whom are now currently studying in Aus =) Lucy pretty ler...hehe..she was Miss Photogenic for the Fair and Lovely pageant year 2006

Our drinks

Almond chocolate cheese cake

Me and Lucy =)

Number 3: Lasallian Formation Team week

Fire, Earthquake, Hunter...

Participants giving their take on what makes them happy

Dr Andrew and Gary George, beloved Lasallians from West Malaysia, who are studying and working here =)

Jason Chang, logistics coordinator ^^

Kevin Sia, the games master


Buddha lookalike contest

Perang dingin....

Nose to nose??

Darn Blogger.....wanted to upload a few more pics and it goes haywire on me =.="""


Anonymous said...

Kevin Sia.. looks a little like Kenny sia.. his bro maybe??

choulyin.tan said... lar..although they share the same surname, they are not related =) Kevin is my friend from St Joe