Monday, March 03, 2008

BC Pics II

The dinner we went to the day before we left for KK to participate in the Borneo Cup. It was at Garden Hill, the place where Tapanga used to be, but the food was a rip off little, and yet so expensive..

Group photo with the debaters =) From left (Behind): Kok Choong, Kevin, Yang Yaw, Justin, Victor, Alfred, Paul, Sophia, Evelyn.
Front: Aileen, Alex (sitting down), me, Ann

At KK, there was this problem UMS had with time management, so we had time to take pictures while waiting for the bus...

Me and Rohene, a fellow debater from UNIMAS, and a friend of Gary's

Group pic taken at the stairs of the Chancellor hall, where we had our grand dinner

At our table =)

And finally, us before we went in for our final round =)


SomeBaL said...

HEy hey... was googling for debate matters and came across your site!

Man I miss the few days that we had @ KK...Hope to meet you all again one day.

mrronnieteo said...

wow! you guys sure had a lot of fun :D

hehe rohene. is that how you spell her name?

choulyin.tan said...

hey...Iqbal right?? =) yea, miss the fun we all had at KK, although there WAS the problem of the time management..hehe..come over to Kuching when you have the time and we'll bring you to see the sights =)

yea lor..we had so much fun should go for it next year =D and I just found out her name was spelt that way also when we were in KK ^^

SomeBaL said...

Just saw one of your pics...You know Ehon! Lol he was once in Curtin... Extime you meet him say Hi from Iqbal.

mrronnieteo said...

lazy lar. summore i dun like debating. hehe

but if i go purely for shopping, i won't mind! XDXDXD