Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My sis got her SPM results back today =) and she made us all so very proud!!!! 8A's, and 2 B's...admittedly it's not straight A1's and such, but it's a good result nonetheless, and I am super proud of her!!! Even my results were not as good as hers..and I do admit, although she looks like the non-studious type, she actually has a brain like a sponge! absorb and absorb like nobody's business..haha

She got A1's for BM, BI, Add Maths, Physics and Maths
A2's - Chemistry, EST, and History
B3's - Moral and Biology

wah!!!!so proud of her..gonna bring her out for dinner tonight (even though I have Macro quiz tommorrow morning -_-"")

I would love to take a pic of the result slip for all to see, just wasn't clear enough... -_-"

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