Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random bits

Leo pounced on me today. After I got back from Pre-U day. Which was not a problem, really. Except that I was wearing my jeans and schooling clothes and he had mud on his paws. -_-"""

It would have been fine and dandy if I was wearing the clothes I usually wear around the house. I would even gladly welcome the pounce. But, as it seems, Leo has managed to get mud over my clothes, and since I got back kinda in a lousy mood today, it made the experience not too good for me.

I guess if I was in a happier mood, I would have welcomed it. I mean, it was the first time Leo pounced on me, and that means that he sees me as a friend, and trusts me (or maybe it was because I fed him his jerky yesterday and he's thinking of getting more from me). And that's looking at things from a positive perspective. =p

The day actually started off on a positive note. I went to uni anticipating what the day would bring and what kind of parents we would meet today. And somewhere along the line, things happened, and brought me down from my sense of positivity. It's really crappy when you go to uni expecting something, and got a totally different experience. Don't get me wrong, it was a pleasure working with the other SSSC members, and I would love to work with them again. It was something else.

End of story. Don't come asking me what happened. Because unless I trust you , I wouldn't tell you.

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