Monday, March 17, 2008

A wet affair... =p

Haha.....I bathed Leo today..with Yew. And I tell you, I always knew that dogs will shake off the water whenever they get wet. What I didn't know, is that the moment they shake it off, and if you are beside them, you get as wet as they are -_-"

Prior to bath time, Leo was scrounging for stuff at the back of the garden...although I can't be sure what he was looking for. Needless to say, he had muddy paws, and muddy....other parts of the body..haha..

And one red ant was stuck to his fur. Both Yew and I were afraid to take the ant out. We even debated over who would be the one taking the ant. You see, the ant was actually still alive, and we both had not had a pleasant encounter with the red ant. old liaw but still so scared of one miniscule red ant. But, that's us =p

In the end, we took a towel, and tried to take it out with it. =p and yes, we managed to take it out. And we saw another one stuck near his jaw -_-" But try as I might, we can't take it out know how red ants have this sticky kind of feet which clings to whatever surface there is? Yes. Those little lousy feet (if you could call it that) were stuck to Leo's fur.

So in the end we left it there, and he bit it..haha..

But i guess even though it's tiring to bathe him, it would also be something I wouldn't mind doing again. Just as long as I'm not washing the 'other' parts of him =p

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