Thursday, April 10, 2008

SSSC Installation Night 2008

Finally had our Student Council Installation Night after a whole month of preparing for it =) Was actually contemplating whether or not to go style my hair at the saloon, but then I decided against it as it would just be a waste of money, no? I'd rather save up, and pull out all the stops for prom ^^

We had it at the Sarawak Club, and seriously, it was actually a very big place for a small personal function with only 4 tables. After the fire last year, it was my first time stepping foot into the newly built club. Much has changed since the fire, although the management has tried all they could to rebuild it to their former glory. There were new pathways, cafes, and the Chinese Hornbill Restaurant where we had our dinner was spectacular.

Prizes, mementos, and certs for the outgoing term, incoming term, and the lucky ones

The banner for the night, looks nice ler..

Had a bit of a little crisis before the event though, as Professor Helmut didn't know about the event, because his PA failed to inform him of it. Luckily, Mdm Cindy managed to contact him and he rushed to the dinner ^^ and the great thing about him is, he can go for the dinner totally unprepared, and still be able to deliver a great speech when asked to do so! I really need to develop that skill..

Justin and I were the MC's for the night, and I must say, Justin actually has the whole act together, that it was kinda redundant for me to be there -_-""

The chocolate cake which costs three digits O_O" But it was delicious, so no complaints there ^^ and look! the design was superb too!

Natalie and I outside the restaurant before the event

Incoming males of the night, Delwin, Kevin, Wee Chung, Thushanth, Alfred, Justin. Not in pic would be Chin Ann, and Paul as they were busy doing other stuff..

There's something about a guy wearing a suit and a tie that makes him look so distinguished and polished. It's another matter altogether when there are lots of guys wearing suits and ties. haha..kinda like distinguish

Abang Zul with the four ExCo's..Treasurer, Vice President, Secretary, President

Outgoing council 2007. I'm not sure which twin is which, so to make it easier... Roy, Eko, Ian, Lestari, Gab, Alex, and Ah Q. (I'm guessing Ian is the one sitting beside Lestari =p)

I like this pic ^^ Maybe cos it hid my big arms =p Far right is Destiny =)

Four of the five female council members, Farra, Winnie, Me, and Natalie. Nabillah's not in the picture, as she's behind the camera =)

Vice President, Winnie Tan

The person in the middle would be our OC, Alfred

with the two ushers for the night, Delwin and Kevin

Right before the dinner, the vain had one last photo op.. =p

Group photo with the Senior Management Team (SMT)

Take 1...

Take 2...

The night progressed smoothly, with everything in its place. The food was great, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the incoming council all had a great time.

Special thanks to the OC, Alfred Ho who went through numerous days and nights without sleep just to get the ball rolling and making the entire night live up to our expectations. =)

Finally, to end the evening, a group picture =)

Now to actually get my own discipline going and slim down before Prom Night *rubs hands in anticipation* =p

P/S: Might have to wait awhile for me to upload these pics to my facing problems uploading them -_-" Lousy....

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