Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So many things have cropped up recently that I have had less and less time to actually sit down and relax, let alone blog.

The last time I blogged, it was the WSDC 2008, the annual World Schools Debating Championship organised by Swinburne Debaters' Club. That was like, one month or so ago...I think..

Since then....
  1. Freshmen Party
  2. Law second test
  3. Macro mid sem test
  4. Winnie's Birthday
  5. eBiz postings
  6. SSSC financial statements
Upcoming events....
  1. Beach Bash (17-18 May 2008!!!)
  2. Swinburne Night (24 May 2008)
  3. eBiz assignment due (week 13)
  4. Macro assignment due (week 12)
  5. Take back Macro paper (I did very badly for this....so am actually dreading the time I actually get it back...)
  6. Swinburne Cup (I have yet to find a partner for BP style debate...)
  7. Semester one finals...(starts on 9 June, ends on 18 June)
So there you have it..my busy busy life...


I have a surprise for all of you tomorrow!!!! hehe....


kyRa said...

i wonder how u can cope wif all of those thgs. i have sth like half of us but im half dead now. brain cells stop functioning a while. haha.anyway, gambateh!!

choulyin.tan said...

haha....sometimes, I wonder how I can cope as well...I think sometimes that my brain cells not only stopped functioning, but they died some time ago.. =p