Sunday, October 12, 2008


So many new things have happened since the start of the semester, that it's hardly possible to think of a life back when we were still so carefree and without any troubles at all.

A lot of things have transpired these past few months, and it seems that I've become a totally different person altogether.

Life in clubs and council has been hectic, and a lot of running around was necessary. However, despite all this, I can safely say that I've met and grown close to my fellow colleagues, and am very glad to have them in my life. We have managed to stick by each other through thick and thin, through arguments and fights, through smiles and tears, through frustration and panic :p Thank God prom is over...haha...but Carnival is yet to come, and I foresee chaos once again :p but in a good way, of course :)

Tata!! ^_^

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