Monday, April 06, 2009

Week 6

So....what have I learnt from being back to uni after 6 weeks?

  1. Taxation is a super hard subject, that unless you have super great interest in it, I suggest you don't take it at all. However, being an Accounting major student, you ARE required to take it, so the best of luck to you. Luckily, it is being made interesting by Mr Nick. Or else, you will feel like taking all four books (yes, FOUR books for only ONE subject, not to mention countless pieces of notes and Taxation Rulings) and killing yourself with it by banging it on your head (yes, it can kill you if you bang it hard enough. It's super thick).
  2. Current Issues also is a killer subject, and yes, it also is a core subject if you are taking Accounting as a major in Swinburne. So please, devote your time to this, and Taxation.
  3. Next week is the final week before the Mid-Sem break comes around. And with it, WSDC :p super lucky I'm not involved in the organising of this :p *runs and hides before Mdm C comes looking for me*
  4. I have three assignments waiting for me, the nearest due in two weeks. Oh wait, I have five major assignments in total. The other two is just not out yet. -_-"
  5. Postings are not always as easy as some people say it is. Not when you have a lecturer like the one I have who is super volatile and doesn't go by any real marking rules.
  6. Ecomm is made fun by fun lecturers like Mr Rodney, who are great to talk to, and easy to relate to.
  7. IBLaw is interesting. It needs a lot of effort and reading up on, but once you get your engine going, it's cool :) Of course, this is all before the assignment comes around. :p

Lets hope week 7 will be a better week
or else I will hang myself.


Rei said...

Nick is a great lecturer! I have him for one subject as well.

When I was taking IBLaw, I thought I was going to just choke on ICSID and all the articles of the whatever convention and then die a horrible death. But I am still here, typing. xD You'll survive. Hang on. LOL.

mrronnieteo said...

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

choulyin.tan said...

haha..yea, Nick is a great lecturer :D let me guess, you have him for investments? :D
let's hope I dun die a horrible death on my final semester *oh horror of horrors!!!* :p

haha....let's work hard together! :D