Saturday, May 02, 2009

Southern Regionals :D

So, two weeks ago, was the Southern Regionals la..hehe

My laptop dieded, so couldn't send a post of support here..haha...but now that I have access to Internet, I guess I'd better do something about it :p

To the mighty co-chairs, Aaron, Rinesh and Karthik, I'm sure you both did a superb job in organising it la :D So, definitely to thumbs up to you guys!!!

To the others who have contributed so much to making it a success, these mighty co-chairs wouldn't have managed to do it without your help!!!! :D

hehe :D

Have a great weekend everyone!!

lol, now I can't wait for Sarawak Regionals to come one month's time...really need to recharge...


Unknown said...

for the late blog support

Aaron Chan Chee Kin said...

Hey Choulyin,

Thanks for the wishes, it was a great regionals :)

choulyin.tan said...

rineshhehe...good la kan :D

AaronGlad to know you had fun :) In one week's time, and it's Sarawak regionals!! hehe