Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attack or no?

Message from Registrar of Swinburne, on our Student Bb site:

Dear Student

You would have read in the newspapers or heard today about a Swinburne student from Kuching having been treated for H1N1. We have since been in contact with the health authorities to gather more information on the matter.

From our records, the student concerned was formerly from Swinburne Sarawak but transferred to Melbourne in 2007. According to the Sarawak General Hospital, he arrived back here in Kuching on Friday, 19 June, and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, 21 June. Tests conducted by the hospital yesterday confirmed that he has the virus but his condition is quickly improving.

The State Operations Room at SGH that is handling the flu pandemic does not have any information to indicate that this student has been to the Sarawak Campus since his return. So any concerns that he may have passed on the virus on campus can be safely ruled out.

We are in close contact with the health authorities and will provide full cooperation in dealing with this pandemic.

Thank you.

Haji Hussain Taiban



Believe ka? lol

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