Thursday, June 25, 2009


My exams are supposed to be officially over as of today.


Ten minutes before the exam is supposed to start, the chief examiner announced that our test will have to be postponed, due to the reason that the lecturer is not present.


Got such thing? How can this happen? First time I heard of it...

At first I thought that maybe it was because the lecturer has the exam papers so we naturally can't have our exam without the papers, right? Because there was another instance last week where the lecturer wasn't present, and the exam went on anyway. So that was the reason I think why it had to be postponed.

Then I met Mdm C, and she said that it couldn't be, because the exam papers are supposed to be with the exam unit. All the lecturer has to do is be there.

So.....what exactly happened then? Why til so serious need to postpone?

Then I thought....perhaps when in the first instance the lecturer wasn't around and the exam went on anyway, there was no one to clear up any queries the students might have had, and as such, many students complained. So to play it safe and not have any more trouble on their hands, the chief examiner felt it prudent to postpone it and avoid all those skirmishes. Maybe la this is the reason...we wouldn't know the exact reason until we go ask the exam unit. But I dun think they will tell also la..


In the act of postponing the exam, there are some student who are directly affected by it, being that they now have two tests on the same day, and one of my friend has a clash of exams, being that both of them will be held in the morning. So no choice, she has to sit for it in quarantine, with those exam unit people looking at her. Furthermore, it's back to back, from 9am til 3pm -.-"

That means finish one paper, start another paper almost immediately. Oh the kekejaman of life :(

But for those whose their final paper is this one, I guess one more day reprieve is better than nothing. Extra time to study and try to memorise stuff kua :p

Anyways, jia yu all!!! and let's try to Pass this paper, but not with a Concede Pass la k :p hehe

Apparently there's been a paper leak..that's why they had to take the action to postpone the paper while a new exam paper needs to be

Good luck!! :)


Anonymous said...

Lecturer was in his room. He was within university grounds too. So your 1st scenario can be thrown out the window.

choulyin.tan said...

hmmm...really? then I wonder what happened..