Saturday, October 17, 2009

My life so far...

I've managed to organise FT2 in Sarawak with the help of awesome people.

I went on outings with my uni mates.

I went to Prom one last time.

I've graduated.

I've moved to KL (migrate would be too harsh a word).

I went Raya visiting.

I've started my job.

I've went on a full day awesome trip with some Lasallians :D

I've learnt to REALLY appreciate the weekends.

I've made some new friends in colleagues of mine :)

I've had a great talk with a fellow colleague, and that made me forget.

I've decided to run in the Terry Fox run happening on Nov 1.

I miss my family.

I miss my friends.

I know it will be hard, so I will persevere, and not fail.


Choulyew said...

your phone crystals so nice! like duh~ :D who arrange one?

mrronnieteo said...


Its even more important to stay connected whenever and however we can so keep on blogging with loads of piccies kay? :)