Saturday, December 05, 2009


I'm going home...back to the place where I belong..and where your love has always been enough for me... ~Daughtry

I'm flying back tomorrow, and I'm excited!! after leaving home for a while (which is not such a long time), but is quite a length regardless, I'm excited to be going home, to friends, and family, and the comforting places of where I have so many sweet memories.

Will be back for one week, for a wedding, for many outings with dear friends, and for catch-up sessions with those whom I have not met in a while, and those whom I have left behind at uni :)

So see you all tomorrow, and I can't wait to get back!!

Although I have to miss this year's Nationals *sob* but it's ok, cos there's this important event in my family that's happening that I REALLY CANNOT MISS (or itu kakak akan pancung kepala saya T.T)

Mari mari balik bergossip, ber-laughing (yes, I know it's not a word, but I don't really care), and I have so many stories to share with you all!!

oh btw, I have managed to 'steal' a pic of the cute guy I was telling you ppl about, although, he does look sikit bodoh in pictures ;)


P/S: To everyone going for Nationals and 20YAC, tag me in the pictures!!!!!! I wanna see!!!! and must leave space to photoshop me inside k :p
and have fun everyone!!!! you know I'll miss you all :)

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Aaron Oo said...

No problem ah jie. We will tag you with us. Though you're not physically there with us, you're there spiritually.

P/s: Yes will try to leave some space for the photoshop (or else my head kena pancung nanti). Cheers.

Aaron Oo