Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good things that happened in January 2010

Went to Melaka with the Lasallians :)

A colleague said I have good PR skills ;)

I got over him. Truly and really over him.

Watched a movie with my beloveds.

Made some new friends through Shaun

Went for a facilitators' workshop for the upcoming regional conventions.

Lol.....found someone I liked...but technically, not just found..just recently confirmed with myself that I kinda like him :p

Lol...ini bukan dia :p

My saimui found her happiness. Glad that she's happy :)

Celebrated Siew Wei's birthday at The Westin

BerS-S with Lovena.

Managed to 'convert' some people to berS-S with us, and into the JIEN society :D

And most importantly, became the listening ear for a dear friend. Someone who I will always treasure, and hopefully will remain close friends with till the end :)

So what does Feb 2010 have in store for me? :D


February 7th :D

February 22nd :p

February 28th

Valentine's Day ;)


itu saja folks :D

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