Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post CNY holidays

It's 2:20am, and here I am, sitting down in my room, blogging. lol. There's a torrential downpour outside, and while I am thinking I might be sleep deprived, I feel a sudden inspiration, so here I am, sitting in front of my dad's lappie, happily typing away, whilst msn-ing a few people :p

I'll be boarding my flight back to KL tomoro, and this trip has left me with mixed feelings. Eagerness to get back to KL (somewhat), but reluctance, because I do not know when I'll be seeing my beloved friends again..

I would say that my trip back this time around has been a pretty worthwhile one for me, as I have tried to make every effort possible to try to meet up with everyone that I can, hoping that I didn't miss anyone out. I do not know when I'll be coming back to Kch again, so these memories that I've made, I will take with me all the way til the next time I come back again...

Ron and Lil, you guys have made it all the more fun :D I forgot how I can just sit and chat with you both and the time just seem to fly by. I missed the times we can just sit together, and not having to say a single word, but we all understand each other perfectly. I missed the times we can just everyone talk altogether with barely a coherent logic to our sentences, but all three of us understands everything perfectly. I missed the times we can finish each others' thoughts, and smile even when everyone else doesn't seem to get it. I guess the most important is, I've missed the both of you T.T

Ivor, Sha, Ren, Kyra, Tiing, Vince, thanks for the lovely time :D It was super fun hanging out with you all, learning new things, sharing new experiences, and just being with a younger (though not much younger than me) crowd :p hehehe....and yes Ivor, I think if you work out, you'll be hot again..haha..I'll miss hanging out with you all!!!

The CPAASC gang, it was a great nine hours spent visiting with you all, meeting the new committee, and it's very heartening to see the bond that has already been formed by all of you on such little time that you all had. It made me feel young again..hehe...and you know what, I have faith in this committee, because I can see that every single one of you have different things that you bring to the table, and under Edina, you're all bound to shine and live up to your fullest potential ;) That's the past prez speaking, and I'm sure you'll all continue to make me proud :D

Lovena, Nicky, Jon Wong, Pn Stella, Pat, Salim, and all the other Lasallians that I forgot to mention, this trip back has opened my eyes to current events :p and also, have faith. :D There are still many things left to discover, and who knows, the people who have let you down might surprise you in the end, so never ever fail to always see the bright side of things, because you never know when you might be pleasantly surprised :D

Joanna, CS, it was fun having lunch with you, and funny to hear you both recount the happenings in your workplace :p So many of the things you shared with me are similar to what I have experienced, and what can I say, it's an occupational hazard I guess :p hehe

Funnily enough, the past week has gotten me thinking about so many things, most importantly, the happenings in my life currently. Do I let go of the animosity, and try to see the good things that other people have to offer, or do I hang on to that negative energy, and let it eat me up inside? Of course, the former would have to be the obvious choice..but somehow it's always harder to let it go, especially when that hate has already taken root in your heart. Every single time it boils up inside, I have to remind myself that it's not worth it, and in the end, that person will get it coming to him..or her :p

Do I let go of that emotion, when it's obvious that nothing will come out of it? my extended family says otherwise, to let time goes, and see how it close friends say just let it go, as it's not something that's gonna be worth it. hmm....super confused, but still at a loss. Should I tell, and risk rejection, or just clam up and let nature takes its course (with maybe a less than desirable outcome)?

All in all, a totally eventful week for me ;)

On a totally random note, it seems that I seem to suddenly have a liking for "The Truth" by Kris's that elephant in the room I tell you -.-"

The pictures I have selected for this post is taking FOREVER to load -.-" so maybe I'll put them up in the next post...or you can just view them on Fb :p


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MISS YOU TOO!! come back soon ya :):):)

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