Tuesday, June 08, 2010

getting lost in KL

I don’t really like driving in KL.

I have gotten lost on two different occasions, on two different days.

You would think that after getting lost the first time, it wouldn’t happen for a second time.

At least that’s what I thought.

I thought wrong.

I wasted a total of one and a half hours (I think) on the road just because of wrong turnings.

And lousy signboards.

The government has a lousy system for putting signboards.

They are placed ‘strategically’ at the junctions of the roads, making you hesitate or unsure of whether to turn.

Then you make the split decision of not turning, because it doesn’t seem like the way the arrow was pointing to. Then you realize, sh*t, it was supposed to be that particular turn that you have to make.

Only now, you can’t do anything about it because you’re on the darn highway, and the only way to get back to that turning is to do a U-turn (of which KL has very little of, especially on highways).

So you continue on another 15-20 minutes (depending on speed and traffic conditions), trying to a) look for a U-turn, or b) look for other exits which will *hopefully* bring you back to where you want to go. Oh wait, make that 30 minutes.

Either that, or the signboards are located AFTER the junction you were not supposed to take, but which you took anyway cos there was no darn signboard before that particular junction to tell you that that junction is NOT the junction you were supposed to turn in to.

And all that is AFTER you suddenly ‘miraculously’ make the wrong turning out into the highway in the first place, all thanks to road signs -.-“

I realize that perhaps this occurs only to me and that it’s because of my own ignorance that I make wrong turns. But I’ve never been there before lah and aren’t signboards supposed to serve that particular purpose (for those who have never been there before) so that they don’t get lost?

Signboards these days cannot be trusted.

Bah. Grr..

P/S: why must we have a blog title for every single post?

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