Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decisions are something we all have to make at any point in our lives. Sometimes, some decisions are so big, that you’re afraid to make them. But you know that inevitably, you will make that decision. Not because you want to, but because you have to. For some, it’s a split decision, while for others, it takes a longer time..

There’s a particular decision I have to make. But sometimes, that’s just the thing with decisions, you don’t know for sure if you’ll be making the right decision. I’ve been putting it off for as long as I can remember (actually not that long lah, but it feels loooooong).

So, sometimes it’s just best to leave it to him. Let him tell me if I should make that decision. Initially, I’ve decided not to do anything. But after thinking about it long and hard, I’ve decided to leave it to him. When he shows me the sign, then I’ll make that decision. And if not, then I’ll know what to do.

Now, the only thing to do now is decide how long I should wait.....

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