Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear you,

Sometimes, you think too much, that you lose the bigger picture. Sometimes you think too much, that you read into things that are not there in the first place. Sometimes you think too much, that something simple becomes so complex and in the end the person suffering is you yourself.

Can you please don’t think too much and start living life for a change? Can you please don’t torture yourself over things that are out of your control and focus instead on things that are? Can you please don’t try to read other peoples’ actions, but instead put them out of your mind? You are not them, you never will be, and you never will understand what others’ motives are. So get over it.

And can you please make up your mind? You think you so free to think about so many other sides of the coin? Either you go, or you don’t. It’s that simple. When you finally make up your mind, make sure it’s early so you don’t regret if you suddenly can’t go cos of simple reasons.


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