Thursday, September 02, 2010

One month.

I couldn’t ask for more. It’s hard to put a finger on the exact feeling that I have, but no words can describe it. Or perhaps there is, but it escapes me at the moment. So basically, my workplace is like this:

1. When you’re sick, your boss chases you out of the office, to go home early to rest.
2. When you’re sick, and you go out for dinner with your boss and it’s raining, he purposely calls you to make sure you have an umbrella just so that you don’t get caught in the rain.
3. When you still have work to do and plan to stay back late in the office, your boss asks you to go home and finish up, rather than staying back.
4. Your colleague offers to help you when you’re overwhelmed with work.
5. You meet your senior, and immediately hit it off.
6. You go to work with a smile on your face.
7. You enter the office wanting to do work.
8. You have brainstorming sessions, bounce ideas off each other, and scribble gibberish on the whiteboards. With your boss in the discussion room together with you.
9. You make plans to go to the gym/swimming/jogging with your boss.
10. Your boss co-conspirates with you to kenakan your senior on her birthday.
11. Your boss will shout out of the blue at nothing in particular, and you all shrug it off, because it’s a normal occurrence ;p
12. There are other things la, but I can’t remember XD

Honestly, I look back at the past one month, and I feel nothing but happiness that I have made the right choice. Some people tell me I’m making a big mistake by changing jobs, but I look back, and I can sincerely tell you, that while sometimes I miss auditing, I do not regret making this decision, because I love it. While there are still some things that I need to learn, I’m learning them with an open mind, taking criticism where it’s due because only by accepting it and feeling the need to want to improve yourself, will you be able to fully move forward in your chosen profession.

While I can’t say the same for the personal front, it’s a learning curve everyday. Will have to consciously put the thought away and focus on my career ;p

But while we’re on the topic, is it really important for guys to be the person earning the higher salary in a relationship? I was just discussing this with my colleagues the other day, and I don’t think it’s relevant. I mean, why let how much money you’re earning dictate whether or not you get into a relationship? Why must we let money be the deciding factor? Isn’t it enough that you have feelings for each other? Is a guy’s ego really that big that he cannot leave any room for allowance when it comes to who’s earning more?

Another thing, is it really taboo for girls to date guys younger than them? Lol, seriously, I used to think that the girl must be the younger person in a relationship. But after personal experiences and seeing other couples around me, I’ve changed my mind. I see one of my best friends dating a guy two years younger than her, and I see their relationship flourishing and blossoming into something so beautiful. Seriously, I feel that some of the guys I know that are younger than me are so much more mature compared to others that I have known. So why is it that it’s so taboo that guys must be older than the girl in order for them to be together?

Oh, and I sometimes do not understand why guys take what girls say mean, there is already so much literature out there that tells guys to sometimes not take what girls say literally ;p when a girl says it’s ok, it sometimes isn’t. When a girl tells you that she’s fine, she’s really not, and when she says she doesn’t expect anything, you can bet she is, even if it’s just an answer in passing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure guys have been through this as well when it comes to us girls, so yea, no hard feelings against the male gender ;p it’s just some thoughts passing through my head, and from discussions with friends ;p wheee

Good night people XD

oh and before I forget,


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