Saturday, March 26, 2011

I believe a reality-check is in order.

It has been a tough month...and the worst is still not over.

Have you ever felt that the harder you try, the worse it gets? So what is the next course of action? Don't try at all? But wouldn't that be like, giving up? Wouldn't that be like, not pushing yourself?

It would be pointless.

All my life, the activities I've been involved in, is to encourage others to push out of their comfort zone, challenge their boundaries, have faith, keep moving forward, do your best in whatever you set out to do, even if there are a lot of obstacles in your way.

It would be ironic if I just throw in the towel the moment I face difficulty, wouldn't it? it would infinitely be easier to do, but it would not give me the satisfaction.

There was another possibility that opened up to me, an opportunity for a better financial position, an opportunity to maybe move on to an environment that is completely new, and start afresh. For two weeks, there was the internal battle, the weighing of pros and cons, the discussions with various parties.

Finally, a decision was made. And I hope I made the right one.

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