Thursday, June 16, 2011

Imaginative imagination. Let's see how many things I can think about, starting with one thought, and letting it run wild.

Note 1:

This is a time for change. A time for throwing out the old, and coming in with the new.

Note 2:
I always wonder why people are super vindictive. abit enough la, but don't go overboard la

Note 3:
That embarrassing moment when a joke turns into humiliation

Note 4:
Green Lantern is out! woohoo!!!

Note 5:
David Archuleta is coming to town again!!! 26th July 2011! :) Time to ikat perut to get those tickets >.<

Note 6:
How many times can you talk about the same thing until you get REALLY REALLY tired of it?

Note 7:
the Burlesque song is playing in my head

Note 8:
Feel like having a nice Mango Loh at ss2

Note 9:
Suddenly missing the strawberries I left behind in Marina Bay Sands

Note 10:
When will it be my time to get rich?

Note 11:
I miss the Moo Moo's in Kch T.T

Note 12:
am wondering if I should continue to hang out with them

Note 13:
What if one day the fella says he likes my sister?

Note 14:
Am halfway through 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and it's getting interesting :p

Note 15:
I should stop here now..otherwise I wouldn't be able to stop


Choulyee said...

Lol.. strawberries... ^^

Choulyew said...

dun simply think. you think too much. lol. paopao :)

mango lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

choulyin.tan said...

Yee, I miss them!!! I should have tapau-ed them back :p

Yew, when when when???? paopao po the panda :p >.<