Sunday, November 06, 2011

Official Opening of La Senza's Pin Up Store

Last Thursday, La Senza had their opening of the first ever Pin Up Store Concept in One Utama, and I was privileged enough to be invited for it.

It was a pretty last minute deal, and we were only told that we were invited three hours before the launch was scheduled to begin. Needless to say, my colleagues and I headed over, with work clothes and all, excited to see what was in store for us

Pretty treats prepared with such detail. If you look closely, the cookies and cupcakes have pictures of models in lingerie 

 The first thing we saw when we entered the entrance is the La Senza cherry and <3 shaped non-permanent stickers on the floor, leading the way up to the first floor of the mall, where the Pin Up store is located

We registered ourselves, and were given a goody bag and button badge to pin to our shirts to easily distinguish us as guests of the event. There were lots of people there, and it was a very small venue, so people were literally squished like sardines, while holding champagne flutes, and hors d'oeuvres were served. After a while of mingling in the crowded space, decided to walk out to the concourse level for some fresh air. Lo and behold, there's a mobile truck here, fully done up, specially for La Senza! Took the opportunity to take a few pics, and even went into the truck to experience the feel of it :D

The mobile truck outside Armani Exchange

Decided to head back up in time for the opening, but missed Angie Cheong's speech >.< got back just in time for her to officiate the new store:

CEO Angie Cheong pushing on the button, and the partition covering the store moved, revealing.....

...burlesque dancers in sexy La Senza lingerie

 Group photo opp with our beautiful Malaysian Female Celebrities, among whom are: Amber Chia, Lina Teoh, Nadine Ann Thomas, Hannah Tan, and Serena C

Next up after the photo opportunity and launch of the store, we were entertained with a slew of beautiful models in a fashion show, showing the latest La Senza line of lingerie

and yeap, managed to get a picture with Lina Teoh, of the God of Carnage fame

and Amber Chia! LOL she's so tall, when I looked over at her I was literally face to face with her *ahem* assets :p

I was glad I got invited to the Lingerie launch. It was all very posh, and an eye-opener for me.

So who says being in PR is boring? :D


Henry Lee said...

ohhhh u went for this event also? seems like a lot of lady blogger went... awesome! :D

choulyin.tan said...

yup, but never met them...cos dunno them yet >.<