Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Richard's Birthday Surprise :D

On 16th November, one of my beloved SRYY member grew a year older :D How did we celebrate?? We gave him a surprise of course!!! :D

The birthday boy, Richard Teo

The Plan: Sd will bring him out to 'hang kai, while the rest of us: Jayren, Jiayeen, Benjamin, Yew, Henry, and I will head over to Taman Jaya to get ready the cake and the setting for the surprise. Ben will then proceed to emo-text sd, and they will come over to TJ to see what is the matter. Then....SURPRISE!!! :D

We actually wanted to use fairy lights, but there was no power source, so we made do with arranging tealight candles in the shape of an R instead

The Outcome: SUCCESS!!! Ben texted sd at the RIGHT time, and rt was most definitely shocked :D We then adjourned to Al Safa for a ritualistic mamak session :D

The Blackforest cake from Bakers Cottage

What can be improved: Should have gotten two cakes, so we can fully slobber rt with the 'fake' cake. Maybe we should have given more thought to the execution bit as well so we didn't have to scramble for any additional contingencies :p

The next night, we were treated to TGIF at Curve by rt:

The brownie cake on the house

rt after being 'forced' to take the cherry out from the pile of fresh cream


the other SRYY members posing with rt's Polaroid

SRYY with Mun Keat

Our polaroids for the night :D

Happy 20th Birthday Richard Teo!!!!!!!!!! :D


Unknown said...

thanks Choulyin :) and of course the others as well :p

choulyin.tan said...

you're welcome! :D picture quality not that good, but ok lah :p hehe

Choulyee said...

Did the TGIF staff make him stand on a chair and blow the birthday candle from 1 metre away? That happened to someone I know before.. at TGIF.. :)

Henry Lee said...

WAHHHH... richard so handsome with the cream on his face! xD

choulyin.tan said...

yup, they put the cake around 5 feet away :p

i think it's shaving cream :p