Wednesday, May 09, 2012

McDonald's Grilled Chicken Foldover (Part 2)

If you read my previous post, you would know that the McDonald's Grilled Chicken Foldover is back in town!!!

Went to have it last night before bb and I went for the screening of Dark Shadows at MV,
and here are the pictures!!

The long awaited love of my life :p haha bb gonna kill me when he read this >.<

The "Please tear along here" line as can be seen above made it super easy to eat as it was easy to remove (at least Star reported this accurately). I had no mess at all, unlike previously

What I love about the foldover are the double chicken patties (and the fact that it's grilled),  the fresh lettuce, onions!!!! and the garlic sauce, and how it goes VERY well with the bread *yummies* Basically, I love everything lah.

But the shape and feel of it seemed a little smaller this time around. But then again, maybe because I was still small last time, so it looked bigger :p

 Wanted to put a heart shape all around the foldover when I was editing this, but realised that it will make me look super ah lien. so I will settle for a simple *heart* instead :)

I missed preciousssssssss :D


Cutebun said...

Yummy! lol.. love of ur life now becomes McD foldover XD

Caroline said...

never try this! haha going to give it a try! ;) and u look cute here dear!! <3

Xue Ren said...

I should try this out one day! :)

choulyin.tan said...

yup least until 22nd August la :p

thanks babe!! :p my hair longer dy, but still can manage :P it's really good, and healthy too!! have to try it kays

Xue Ren
yup, if you haven't tried it last time, you should give this a go

mrronnieteo said...

wah, so good til need two posts?? i have yet to try la!!!

choulyin.tan said...

yup, and I just had it again today!!! :p