Friday, June 22, 2012

Chilla Cup @ Setia Walk, Puchong

Woohoo! Yet another coffee house is up and by the looks of it, is here to stay :D

Chillacup is a local coffee house located at Setia Walk which just recently underwent a rebranding exercise, shifting its focus on love. Love of food, Love of family, Love of coffee, etc.

Just entering the coffee shop itself, I was taken in by the cosy atmosphere, and I loved how they made use of the heart shape to create a coffee cup.

They have these little corners where you can sit with a book, and spend the whole day away. I can totally see myself getting lost in a book here, not caring what the time is.

Or you can just sit here and hang out with a friend to while the time away. The cosy ambience got a lot of plus points from me :)

Front: Caramel Macchiatto, RM11.90
Back: Latte, RM9.50

What I loved about the coffee was that they used Premium Arabica Coffee, which is planted at the mountaintop, unlike other types of coffee which is planted at the foothills. This gives it a better grade. Furthermore, the roasting process is different, which is the Artisan Roast method. Only 15 kg of the coffee beans is being roasted each time, therefore, all beans are roasted evenly, bringing out the fragrant aroma of the coffee our of the bean, and into your drink :)

Mango Smoothie, Passionfruit Smoothie, RM12.00

If you're not a coffee lover, fret not, because Chilla Cup also provides non-coffee based drinks such as the yoghurt smoothie! I ordered the Mango Smoothie, and I love it! The smooth blend of the mango is really brought out, and the sweetness wasn't overpowering. I could tell they used real mango fruit. So if you come here and don't feel like ordering coffee, I strongly suggest you order this :)

Selection of cakes available at Chilla Cup

Caramel Almond Pretzels, RM7.50

Chilla Cup prides themselves on their freshly baked pretzels, every pretzel is made fresh with every order. Therefore, you can be assured of the freshness. The pretzel wasn't too hard to the bite, and the almonds gave it a slight nutty flavour. The sweetness of the caramel complements the almond, making this a perfect starter while waiting for your food to arrive :)

Caramel Butter Thick Toast, RM8.50

This sinful dish is a must have for those sweet tooth's out there. The thick toast has a sprinkle of cinnamon, which got high marks from me, considering I love cinnamon :) The dollop of fresh cream on top also adds to the alluring taste of the toast, making it sweet, with a hint of spice.

Pepperoni Tortillas, RM13.90

Another dish Chilla Cup takes pride in is their tortillas. Similar to the pretzels, they are made fresh upon order, with only the best ingredients. This Pepperoni Tortilla actually had me wanting seconds, but there was not enough to go around, so I had to settle for a slice of the Double Cheese Tortilla (below). Both were heavenly!!!

Double Cheese Tortilla, RM13.90

Seafood Spaghetti, RM14.90

This dish is different from other typical dishes, in the sense that they were so generous with the seafood. There was lots of squid, prawns, mussels, and fish. What I did was, I took a little bit of pasta with each seafood, and before I knew it, it was all gone.

Dory Fish with Sour Cream, RM16.90

Out of all the dishes, this was my favourite. I have loved sour cream since I was a child, and coupled with Dory Fish, what more can you ask for? This was gobbled up in seconds. The dory fish was soft without being too flaky, and there was just the right amount of sour cream in there to bring out the full taste of the dish.

Fish and Chips, RM16.90

Next up, we have the fish and chips! The batter was a little thick, making it a little hard at the beginning, but the fish was masterfully flavourful, and it goes very well with the tartar sauce. What I liked was the little bit of greenery as a side dressing, as it prompted people to eat a little healthier, to not only have meats, but some vege as well.

Chicken Burger

What I loved about this dish is the different type of patty than you can normally find in shops. The patty is a whole chicken thigh, which gives a soft flavourful mouthful when you bite down on it. It was marinated in black pepper sauce, so there was a lot of the peppery goodness in there :)

If you're looking for a place to chill, then head on over to Chilla Cup!

Best thing is, they're having their June promotion on at the moment, where you can get a selection of Chicken burger/Seafood Spaghetti/Cheesy Macaroni at a price of RM14.90. All this comes with a free drink of honey lime/americano/gourmet tea. If you want something else, there are other upgrades available to latte/cappuccino with additional RM3.

This promotion is valid only from Mon - Fri, 12noon - 2pm, excluding holidays.

If you aren't able to make it to the Setia Walk outlet, there are other outlets around the Klang Valley area, which are Solaris Mont Kiara, and Subang Avenue. They have a new outlet opening soon in the Mines, in August 2012.

Opening hours vary from outlet to outlet, depending on the outlet

So what're you waiting for? Do you wana come chill with me? :)

Chilla Cup
E-03A-G, Block E, Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
Tel: 03 5879 6404

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thurs : 12pm - 11pm.
Fri, Sat and Eve of holiday : 12pm - 1am.


Anne Lee said...

yummeh. i love the appealing desserts.

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i like ze dory fish spaghetti! :D

Kelly Siew said...

I never knew chills cup actually serves main dishes. The fish pasta looks good indeed.

Kelly Siew said...

Chilla cup pardon me :)

Kelvin Tan said...

Looks mediocre. Coffee would most prefer Starbucks compared to this.

foongpc said...

Love the dory fish with sour cream and their pretzels! Yummy! : )

Henry Tan said...

wow setia walk open ad? i didnt go yet! TT

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looks nice, got cakes food n nice drinks eh? all so tempting for me -.-!!