Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ikuzo Ramen @ ss2 Petaling Jaya

The Ramen Revolution is here! Craving for some ramen but not willing to do so cos it'll hurt your pockets? Well, I've found an alternative, and it's right here in ss2, Petaling Jaya :D

Cheap, delicious and filling, this is the place for you if you want to have a nice bowl of soupy ramen without burning a hole in your pockets :D

 The various condiments they have available at Ikuzo. Seriously speaking, this is the first time I've seen so many condiments in one place! Usually it's just the chili oil and sesame seeds xD

They had fried garlic!! tried that on some of the ramen I had, and it was good :D The peanut sauce goes well with some of the more spicy soups too. It helps to reduce the spiciness :)

Mango Ice Cream Float, RM5.90

This was my drink for the night. Absolutely loved it :) The distinct mango taste goes very well with the sweetness of the Vanilla Ice Cream, and the next time I'm here, I will be sure to order this again.

Ginger Green Tea Yuzu Float, RM5.90

This drink had quite a strong ginger taste to it, not something I like, cos I normally prefer my ginger in food, not drinks. But if you're a ginger lover, you will love this.

Chocolate Milk, RM4.90

This drink brought me back to my old school days, where I used to drink Sustagen. They used chocolate powder and banana puree. Everyone knows banana and chocolate goes well together, and Ikuzo capitalised on this to give their Chocolate Milk a different taste than normal chocolate drinks you can find in the market today

Rootbeer Ice Cream Float, RM5.90

I've always been a fan of rootbeer, so no surprise this was a drink I loved :D There's just something about rootbeer that complements vanilla ice cream so well.

Cabbage Kimuchi, RM2.80

The Japanese version of Kimchi, this is preserved cabbage. I loved this mostly due to its soury spicy taste. It tingles my tastebuds and made me want to eat more :D It's true what people say, that sour food can open up your appetite to food :D

Wafu Kyuri Salad, RM2.00

One of my favourite side dishes of the night, mostly because of the dressing it comes with, which is called the Japanese Wafu dressing. It is typically just cucumber and the dressing, which is available in Isetan for RM12.90.

Ajisuke Tamago, RM1.00

Better known as braised eggs, this is a definite must try! the yolk wasn't too cooked or too runny, and at only RM1.00 per side dish, this is a steal!! I wouldn't mind ordering more of this the next time I go back there.

Okonomiyaki, RM4.50

In English terms, Okonomiyaki means Japanese Pancake. Unlike typical pancakes that we've grown accustomed to this is rather thick and filled with fish strips. This is actually quite delicious if you dip it with the Kimuchi sauce :D

Age Gyoza, RM4.50 for 5 pieces

Japanese Deepfried Potstickers :D I have always loved dumplings, and this is no exception. The skin of the potstickers wasn't too thick, which made it really easy to bite into, and the pork fillings were scrumptious.

Harumaki, RM3.90

This translates to pork spring rolls, and once you get a bite of this, you will definitely want another one for sure :D The spring rolls are also filled with vegetables, which is also healthy in addition to it being a little sinful due to the pork :p

Specially for us that night, we had the chef Shimbo Katsunori come out of his kitchen to do a presentation on the art of making Gyoza and ramen :D Here, the chef is showing us the correct way of making Gyoza, Japanese Panfried Potstickers :D

The finished Gyoza. Look how cute they are :D

Wafuuuuu~ dressing :D RM12.90 each, also available at Isetan! :)

Ikuzo uses rye flour for its high nutritious values. Being rich in iron, protein, calcium, vitamin B and E, rye cereal has a very low Glycemic Index which reduces the risk of obesity.

What more can you ask for?

Hokkaido Ramen, RM8.50

The base for this soup is Miso paste, and comes with pork cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts and sweet corn. I love the soup as it wasn't too salty, and I can taste the miso base. Noodles were springy, and added a touch of chewy-ness to the dish :D

Yakiniku Ramen, RM8.50

One of the favourites of the night, this dish has marinated and grilled beef sliced with cabbage kimuchi in a shoyu-based soup. There was a fusion of flavours that burst in your mouth, and personally for me, I couldn't stop myself from drinking the soup :D

Curry Tantan Ramen, RM6.90

This is one of their more spicy dishes of ramen, made with mala spices and minced chicken. For me it was a little too spicy but after adding a little of the peanut sauce, it mellowed down the salty and spiciness :)

Cha-Shu Ramen, RM8.90

This is my favourite of the night. This dish features 5 awesome pieces of porky cha-shu with their signature shoyu-based soup. Served with seaweed and spring onion, this is a simple yet superb ramen dish that makes for their signature ramen. I loved this dish for the big slices of cha-shu that they served us, and is definitely value for money :)

Tonkatsu Ramen, RM7.90

This is their classic miso-based soup with breaded pork fillet, completed with their signature thin Ramen. The pork fillet wasn't too hard, and if added with the fried garlic and shallots, the fragrance of the soup was really brought out.

Tokyo Ramen, RM7.90

I would think this dish is a specialty of Tokyo, but perhaps I wouldn't bet on it ;) This is a Shoyu-based soup with cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg and seaweed

Tom Yum Ramen, RM10.90

Who doesn't love Tom Yum? Their spicy sour blend was really brought out in this dish. This is a fusion of Thai and Japanese, which turns out super, which really packs a punch! The bowl was empty after we were done with it. That's how good it was :)

Curry Ramen, RM7.90

Taking a little bit of inspiration from India, Ikuzo took some secret curry spices in order to create this delightful bowl of ramen. Consisting breaded pork fillet served with curry soup, it reminded me a little bit of Maggie Curry, though a little more spicy :p Perfect for curry lovers out there :)

What makes their dishes so special is what they DO NOT put into their soup.
No MSG, No Soup Concentrates, and No Artificial Flavourings. Therefore, what you get in your soup is pure flavour.

So craving a bowl of Ramen? Look no further!

Ikuzo Ramen
52, Jalan SS 2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS : N03 07.085' E101 37.234'
(same row as Macdonald)

Business Hour : 10.30am - 11pm
Tel : 03-78733110
Website :
FB :


Charmaine Pua said...

Oh my!!! Ramen!! *gili gulu gili gulu*

Caroline said...

Haha been hearing lots review on that but heard some foodies told me it's not that good. Looking at the options they offered here, not bad eh! :D

missyblurkit said...

love the kimuchi here. the ramen has been a hit and miss with me though. but i supposed i should return quite soon since i love the kimuchi very much.

Xue Ren said...

arhh, i don't know why i not dare to eat kimchi although it looks yummy! >.<

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da japang wafu sauce iz gewd!

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Ikuzo is in SS2 eh? :D sure must go see see di