Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super GT Round 3 Day 1

Day 1 of Super GT Round 3 2012 has passed, and here are the pictures to show what some things were going on that day! Didn't manage to capture the cars though...They were moving too fast!! -.-"

My giveaway tickets to Lucky Winners Jasmine Cheung, Jasmine Sia, and Ron Alik! Awesome tickets come with free Limited Edition Touch and Go cards as well :)

We've arrived at Sepang International Circuit Yo!

Hmm...seems like we're not the only ones here :p

The Grand entrance, the site where cashless transactions are the method of payment here

All TnG Reload and Payment Terminals are supplied by e-pay (M) Sdn Bhd :)

A sight you seldom see, except during motorsport events such as the Super GT!

One of the GT Queen finalists, didn't quite caught her name, but she can speak fluent Japanese too!

Who said the Super GT is only for cars? Check out this beautiful Ducati!

They also had tattoo painting booths open at the Motor Traders booth

Kuching cars represent!

Yes there were sumo wrestlers too! Sumo wrestling being a popular Japanese sport, they had to have this there!

GT Queens showing us their superb dance moves during that night's party

Electroshock performing their awesome number during the Xtreme Street Dance Competition. They walked away with 1st Runners Up!

the bb and I posing for one shot :)

Eunice and I :)

 A parting pic for you all, the 12 fabulous GT Queen 2012 finalists for your viewing pleasure. Sorry ah, the photographer there cho teng -.-"

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FBS Headmaster said...

haha I've been blog-hopping and reading about this GT Queen... so many leng lui xD

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