Friday, July 20, 2012

Review:The Food Tree Ramadhan Buffet @ OWG Shah Alam

The Food Tree at OWG is an upcoming food venue from the prestigious Only World Group that prides themselves on Fun. Food. and Good Living.

They offer a wide range of local and western delicacies enjoyed in the lush surroundings of their indoor and alfresco ambience. They feature home made noodles from "Only Mee" and delicate dim sum from "Shanghai 10", which are their very own franchise outlets. It is located in Glenmarie, which is one of Shah Alam's prime commercial and residential areas.

This Ramadhan month, they will be offering their Aneka Bazaar Ramadhan 2012 where there will be buffet style fare, as well as served fare, coupled with refreshing thirst quenchers and scrumptious desserts.

Look at all that glorious food!! :)

 Ayam Percik

Ayam Tandoori

Really authentic fare of tandoori chicken, which tastes just like the one at the mamak

Singapore Chili Crab

This dish was finger licking good :D I especially liked the sauce, and wouldn't mind coming back here again just to enjoy it one more time.

Shanghai Dumplings

All halal dumplings made with chicken!! yum yum

Kerabu Pucuk Paku

Didn't manage to try this one, but I'm guessing it tastes really good :D

Kerabu Taugeh & Kerang


One of the things I never miss when I go for Ramadhan fares... or basically any Malay dinner for that matter. I love dipping the vege (mostly cucumber sticks) into the belacan, and biting down on it, savouring the spiciness :)

Siput Sedut Masak Cili Api

Sup Tulang

  You can tell by the many different servings of different types of food that The Food Tree serves up a multitude of dishes, with various styles of cooking. All special, and all local, it gave me a sense of different cultures when I tried the different dishes. This is truly, a Malaysian trait :)

 Ikan Bakar

We had refreshing drinks that night as well, most of them are special drinks created by their chefs, and are one-of-its-kind, meaning you can't find it elsewhere (unless you try to re-create it yourself)

Honey Cucumber

This is a combination of cucumber juice, honey and lemon slices, with bits of cucumber in it. This is a truly refreshing drink. I loved it so much, I had three glasses of it. Who knew honey could go so well with cucumber? It was sweet, crunchy, and lovely :)

Jumbo Herbs

Yup, it's jumbo alright. It has lemongrass, mint, lychee, asam, and a whole lot of other herbs to give you a burst of taste. This is just a small portion of the drink. The actual size is four times the size of this, which is why it's called Jumbo in the first place :D

Coconut Milkshake

Methinks this was inspired by Klebang's coconut shake :p hahaha jkjk. Needless to say, I loved this alot! :p

Lamb Kabsa

Sang Har Mee

Delicious prawns, ripe for the taking :D

We were also treated to a mooncake making session with Chef Chee. With Eve's help, we made our very first snow skin mooncake together! mostly because we were using different sides of the gloves :p

Super happy being able to make a successful mooncake :p bb says it's delicious!! :D haha
 Mango Ice for dessert :D

Compliments of the chef, we were treated to Durian Pancakes! Super light and fluffy, I had two helpings of these :D

Their Aneka Bazaar Ramadhan 2012 will be available from 23rd July to 17 August 2012.

It costs RM 39.45 nett for children, and RM78.90 nett for adults.

If you want to come in a big group, please do! That's because they have ongoing promotions as follows such as Buy 3 Free 1, and Buy 8 Free 3 I think it's prety hard to find such a deal anywhere else :) However, this is only limited to the first 300 customers, so waste not! Head on over to The Food Tree today

I know I would definitely go back there again with my Muslim friends to buka puasa with them :)

OWG The Food Tree
No. 10, Jalan Pelukis U1/46. Seksyen U1, Temasya Industrial Park,
Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam,
Tel: 03-5566 8079
Fax: 03-5566 8006


Henry Lee said...

ohhh the mooncake and durian pancake were really good! :D

Nikel Khor said...

mooncake lagi!

Hilda Milda™ said...

The price seems reasonable to me for the variety of food they serve (: Wah so fun, get to make mooncake as well!

michleong said...

Shanghai Dumplings! Kerabu Taugeh & Kerang! Ayam tandori! *saliva dripping*

FiSh said...

first time seeing dim sum at ramadhan buffet :D yummy

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