Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Mid Valley Mega Mall

I remember when I was a little girl, I would love it when my mom prepares the green bean tong sui complete with sago balls. I would consume bowl upon bowl of the tong sui for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I moved to KL, one of the things I missed most about home is my mom's tong sui, and I would go in search of good tong sui shops around KL, but none seem to really satisfy me.

But, I found Tong Pak Fu, and their close resemblance to my mom's tong sui made me reminisce back to when I was younger. Tong Pak Fu is an award-winning and popular Hong Kong dessert house which has an amazing array of both hot and cols, traditional and progressive selection of desserts including a delectable range of shaved ice to cool one down, especially in the hot tropical heat of Malaysia.

 Some interior shots of the place

 I love this section, and how the fans and lights blend so well with each other. Vintage, and yet modern at the same time

Black glutinous rice cream with coconut milk-RM 5.80

This cream dish reminded me of rice when I first tasted it, but then I realised it was glutinous rice, so....yea :p It was really delicious and I loved the sweet taste and chunky-ness of the rice bits.

Black sesame cream-RM 5.80 

This dish is strongly recommended for black sesame lovers. It has a very strong and distinct taste, not particularly to my liking, cos I'm not really a big fan of black sesame. If you love black sesame, you should not miss out on ordering this when you visit Tong Pak Fu, cos it's really kaw!! they don't compromise on the ingredients, and you will feel the full taste of the black sesame hit you full force with every spoonful :D

Guava snow ice-RM8.80 regular / RM 11.80 large

Guava snow ice is made of the real Pink Guava fruit itself, with no additional flavourings or colourings, and no preservatives. The drizzle on top if not mistaken is mango drizzle :D One thing I noticed about Tong Pak Fu's Snow Ice series is that they don't melt very fast. This is because they are very low in water content, which makes it melt slower, and is not as watery as other Snow Ice that you can find out there. That's why instead of putting their Snow Ice in bowls like most other shops, they present their Snow Ice on plates :)

Ginger snow ice-RM 8.80 regular / RM 11.80 large

This is a dish for ginger lovers out there.  We were told that this dish is taken mostly during winter time, when the weather is cold and people want to warm themselves up while having a refreshing experience. The ginger snow ice gives a combination of cold and hot feeling, whereby the snow ice is cold, and the after taste warms you up :)

Tracka Durian Snow Ice-RM 11.80 regular / RM 14.80 large

 One of my favourites of the day :D I love the Durian taste, but beware. It's really strong, but fragrant. So after you taste this, it will probably be a while more before you can taste other dishes :D If you love durians, this is the dish for you. Minus the hassle of peeling the durian and getting your hands dirty of course :D One thing I like about this dish is how well they taste with cornflakes :) The crispiness coupled with the durian taste is a new experience that I believe people must try.

Chilled mango sago crème with pomelo and mango ice-cream RM 10.80 (bowl/ cup)

This dish is one of the dishes that I loved when I first tasted it a few years ago. As I am a mango and pomelo lover, the creaminess of this dish had me wanting more even after I finished the bowl. Whenever I go for desserts, I will order this without fail if the shop has this. I didn't regret having this when I was at Tong Pak Fu as it was one of the best I tasted. There were generous amounts of pomelo and mango thrown in to sweeten my tasting experience :)

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream RM 12.80

Warning: If you are on a diet, please do not order this.
Made with bitter dark chocolate, paired with the sweetness of Vanilla ice cream, it is a heavenly taste that will make you crave for more even after you're done with this dish

Double boiled papaya with snow fungus RM 8.80

For those who want some desserts that are not cold, there are also a variety of double boiled tong sui to choose from. We had the privilege to try their double boiled papaya with snow fungus, and I was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness of the dish, considering there was totally no sugar added. The sweetness came from the papaya, dates and white fungus :) The presence of the white fungus ensures improved blood circulation, increased metabolism, and whitens and moisturizes the skin. Very nicely done.

Mango Napoleon with vanilla ice-cream RM 10.80  

Looking at the many layers of the dessert, you would think that one would feel this dish to be too cloying after a few bites. Please be ready to be pleasantly surprised. It is actually due to the many layers that this dish makes for a very tasty dessert. The sweet mango, coupled with the not so sweet mango cream and crispy biscuit layer is what causes the fusion of flavours in your mouth. Recommended for those first timers out there :)

Glutinous rice balls with black sesame & peanut toppings RM 4.80

Don't be fooled by the jealous black colour of the rice balls :p Even though I'm not a black sesame fan, this tasted good :D Trust me, this dish will make you want more.

Curry fish balls RM 6.80

Hail all curry fish ball fans!!!! This dish is for you if you are looking for the perfectly made curry fish balls with just the right amount of spice and taste :) It's not too spicy, and had a delightful springy texture that makes your eating experience that much more exciting. We finished this within minutes, and had seconds!!

Thousand Flower Tea, RM7.80

With all that sweetness, we had the Thousand Flower Tea to cleanse our body of all the calories we partook :p It came to us all rounded up, but after absorbing the water, it blossomed into a beautiful flower! :)

So if you are looking for a new dessert experience, head on over to Tong Pak Fu in Mid Valley and be pleasantly surprised!

Tong Pak Fu Mid Valley
T-026 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Mid Valley City, KL
Tel: 03-2201 4911