Thursday, September 06, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

So as you all know, I started running marathons last year, and if you didn't know that already, here's my post *click*

This year, I participated in the Standard Chartered Run again, but this time with a whole lot of other buddies :D

Ran with a group of other people, all with one cause. We went there, and instead of running wearing the Marathon jersey, we wore Anti-Racism T-Shirts. We're hoping that with the T-shirts, people will see it and be reminded that yes, "Racism is so Yesterday". Trying to do our bit for CSR :p

With my sailou after the run, on our way back while at the LRT station :D

Yes I finished 10km!! hehe might take a few more years before I pluck up the courage for 21km :p

Met Richard and Dan there too, all posing with our finisher medals :) Am super proud of them because they ran 21km!!! :D

Another Group shot, this time with my camwhoring skills :p my skills are tahap dewa, everyone can be seen :p

One of the motivational banners found at the finish line, all of us showing off our tired legs :p There's another one, captioned "run like you stole something" lol

My finishers medal!!!! :)

Posing with Siew Wei, my co-commissioner for one year when I was still actively in the Lasallian movement :) Now still active la, but not super active as before :p

 and yes, the notorious Chux, who missed out on last year's marathon :p finally made an appearance at this year's :D

In case you guys were wondering, yes, I did think about why on earth I signed up for this again, and yes, the bb did kutuk me for not training enough leading up to this marathon, but I'm proud to say I'm glad I went through with it once again, and I'm proud to have finished once again under two hours :D

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Xue Ren said...

woots! awesome!! join more to stay healthy and fit! :D