Friday, October 12, 2012

Muay Thai Saved My Life Workshop @ Dragon Muay Thai Club, Jalan Alor

9th October was the Thailand vs Asia Muay Thai Challenge, and thanks to Nuffnang, I managed to catch it. Never regretted going for it, but before I go into that, let me fill you in on what I experienced at the Muay Thai Saved My Life workshop that I attended as a precursor to Challenge yesterday :D

This is an overview of the Dragon Muay Thai Club, I like how they have open spaces, and gym equipment all in the same place. Everything is so accessible :D

They even have the Muay Thai ring on the other end, for sparring purposes I guess :p the floor of the ring is soft and springy, I think so that it wouldn't hurt the fighters much if they fall on it

le Dragon Muay Thai hall of fame :D

my baby Eunice which I brought as my plus one that day :p hoho ter-buang bb to hang with his testosterone buddies >.<

Before we started our workshop, we warmed up following the guidance of the muay thai fighters. Everyone so semangat :D

Our instructor teaching us how to kick the right way

The guy on the left is our instructor, Zidov "Akuma"Dominic, who happens to be the fifth runner up in the first season of The Contender Asia. He's from Sweden and if not mistaken, has been in jail before, so don't play play with him :D

le bb practicing with one of the many instructors who were going around making sure that we had the right technique

 me in action! :p

Did you know that in Muay Thai (and kick boxing too, I think) you have eight weapons? Two knees, two legs, two elbows, and two hands :p so basically, any part of your body that is capable of landing a punch or a kick can be used as a weapon.

 Sparring session in progress

After a grueling workshop, we were given a break, and were then each given a chance to kick the pads :p each person had the opportunity to kick ten kicks each leg, and as far as I can see, alot of people were good with their right leg, but not their left :p And some were a little off balance...that's Merryn's Darling lying on the floor after being beaten by a Muay Thai fighter during the 10 kicks padding session :p

Before we wrapped up for the day, some of the bloggers were given the opportunity to spar with Faizal "the Golden Elbow" Ramli. Yup, itu le bb were among some who were brought up to spar with him...for more pics, please head on to my fb album here *click* please like my page if you haven't already hor :p

aaaaaaaand it's a wrap! As usual, we definitely have to have a group picture with all the amazing Muay Thai fighters

Semestinya perlu pose dengan dua fighter hebat ni. On the left is Faizal Ramli, and on the right is Ali Yaakub, our lightweight champion that no one really wants to fight, cos he's really good.

Next up soon will be my post on the Thailand vs Asia fight at Sunway Convention Centre! :)



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cool knee kick there!!!

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