Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch @ Mid Valley

Amidst a torrential downpour last Thursday, I managed to make it in time for the launch of the Shizens Hydro Series at Mid Valley. This is my first anti-aging product launch, and on my way there, I was wondering if it's high time for me to start using anti aging products. Nonetheless, I decided to check it out, and I was glad I did :)

People nowadays are afraid of their skin aging, and with today's lifestyle, the hectic pace will get you tired out by the end of the day. Thus, they spend a great amount of money and time in front of their mirror, to get all sorts of anti aging products. But what they don't realise is that the most important thing to fight aging is to hydrate, which is what the Shizens new product range, the Hydro Series is all about. This is their first skin care series, which focuses on hydration, in order to decelerate skin aging.

The Hydro Series: (from left) Hydro Cleanser (RM158), Hydro Enhancing Lotion (RM188), Hydro Liposome Essential (RM488), Hydrant Day Emulsion (RM308) and Hydrant Night Emulsion (RM358). Each of the products is formulated using different botanical extracts that bring diverse yet harmonized functions to your skin.

The Hydro Cleanser contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts which is antimicrobial, antioxidant and able to moisturize dehydrated skin. It is able to remove dirt and impurities without stripping your skin moisture. Instead, it helps to increase the moisture level of horned layer to make your skin look hydrated, healthy and radiant. It is gentle, non-irritant and suitable for most skin types. It claims to be able to increase the moisture level of dehydrated skin up to 70% after a continuous use for one week, day and night time.

Amber Chia trying on the product
Picture Credit to Shizens *click*

While cleaning our face, most of us use tap water which contains chloride and other impurities invisible to human eyes. Hydro Enhancing Lotion serves as a second cleanser to further cleanse your face for better absorption of subsequent products. It contains licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) extracts to repair skin cells for deceleration of skin aging. Hydro Enhancing Lotion also contains witch hazel extracts which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Some customers trying on the Hydro Series, while the beauty consultant explains in further detail on how the product works

Contained in a silky smooth moisturizer, Hydro Liposome Essential is formulated with multi-layer micro capsule encapsulating honey extracts and pearl extracts. It has micro capsules to penetrate deep into skin and unveil active ingredients layer by layer and pearl extracts to help improve your cell metabolism, stimulate the growth of collagen and skin rejuvenescence. There are also honey extracts to help reduce formation of fine lines.

Feeling the vibe with the invited celebrities, Amber Chia, and Daphne Iking :p
Picture credit to JQ *click*

The must have group photo of the bloggers :) seems like very little, but there were more, they just left earlier :p
Picture Credit to Shizens *click*

After the launch, we managed to try on some other Shizens products from their cosmetics range. The one product that got us all talking was the Shizens Lip Painter (RM168), which you can apply, and it will bring out the natural colour of your lip. The best part is, this stays on for up to 6 hours!

The cosmetics and skin care range

Here's a before and after picture of our model, Sher Lynn, after using the Lip Painter :p The lip painter can even be used on the cheeks to act as a blusher! How cool is that :) lipstick and blusher rolled into one. It lasts up to six months, depending how you use it, so at that price, it's quite reasonable, considering the colour stays on for half the day.

Before and after shot :) see the subtle and beautiful difference? :)

Oh and good news! Shizens will be having ongoing roadshows in various places, as listed below. So if you see a Shizens roadshow at your favourite shopping mall, do mosey on over for a try of their Hydro Series, or speak to their consultants about which range would be suited for your skin :)
  1. Jusco Maluri, 10 Sept-31 Dec
  2. Isetan Lot 10 (Padini), 21 Sept-18 Oct
  3. Jusco One Utama, 15-21 Oct, 19 Nov-2 Dec, 24-30 Dec
  4. Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, 1-21 Oct, 3-30 Dec
  5. Berjaya Times Square, 15-24 Oct
  6. Watsons One Utama, 17-28 Oct, 28 Nov-2 Dec
  7. Parkson KLCC, 18 Oct 2012-28 Feb 2013
  8. Parkson Pavilion, 18 Oct -18 Dec
  9. Isetan KLCC, 2-14 Nov, 14-27 Dec
  10. Isetan the Gardens, 13 Jul-1 Nov, 30 Nov-27 Dec
  11. Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall, 12-18 Nov
  12. Metrojaya BB Plaza (Promotion), 8-14 Nov
  13. Isetan Lot 10 (Padini), 2-14 Nov
As you can see, there are so many roadshows out there in and around Klang Valley, so make your way there, and try out their products today :)

If you're interested to learn more about Shizens, do hop on over to their Facebook page! *click*


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