Sunday, December 09, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sale @ MIECC

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is baaaaaaaack!!!!!!! 

And it's bigger and badder and better than ever!!!! More than 3 million books on sale, with discounts of up to 75-95%!!! Sounds like an advertorial, but I'm writing this to you all out of my love for books and I want to share it with you all :) Previously before the book sale opened, there were quite a few contests, but too busy so couldn't join it :(

 I like the caption: Empty your car, drive the books home. Your passengers can walk :p lol

This year's Annual Big Bad Wolf sale is at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), the location of the recently concluded H-Artistry epic finale. You can check out my post here :D *click*

The sale runs from 7 - 23 December, which is longer than the usual previous sales of one week. It will be on from 9am to 9pm, 17 days of crazy book sales!! 17 days of slow book sales for other book vendors :p

The poser posing with the sign at the carpark :p

So last night, I decided to head over to the sale with le bb in tow :p Being the great bf that he is, he consented to wake up early just to go to the book sale with me. The fella didn't really wana go, but after browsing awhile, even he got a book, so it's all worth it :p So we arrived there at around 10am, and surprisingly there was no queue...we found out the answer to that soon enough.

They were having a 63-hour marathon! from 6:30am on Friday, 7 December, to 9:30pm on Sunday, 9 December, they will be open 24 hours! This was a first for them as they usually have opening hours. But for the first three days of the sale, they will be open 24 hours. Kinda makes me want to go back there again tomorrow :p

So anyways, when we arrived at the hall, there was a bulletin  board with a floor plan of the convention centre, and also what's available elsewhere in the hall.

 Check out all those books!!!

Books books books galore!!!!! I entered the hall and I almost had heart palpitations. I was holding on to bb's hand so hard cos I was so excited about the books that I wanted to get. 

Along the walls, there were posters too, encouraging us to go green, and to keep the books clean. There were also some encouraging us to bring our own bags to save the earth :p

Can you imagine, one whole year's of waiting has come down to this :D There are so many books on sale, and there are more to come, I imagine. Even last year's titles were also available, so if you regretted not getting that book last year, you can get it again this year!

I  noticed when I browsed the fiction section, there were quite a few Robert Ludlum titles,  so if you're a Bourne fan, you would be excited to get his books :D

All books range from different prices, from RM8-15 for fiction, to RM15 for photo books (that usually cost about RM99.00), to RM12 (approx) for self-help, to many many more. You have gardening, cookery, dummies guide, games and puzzles, sports, new age and religion, business, children, audio books, biographies, history, the whole enchilada! :D

They also have wolf merchandise for sale. This year is B-I-G!!!!
 only RM29.90 for a limited edition shirt, obamanotbad.jpg :D

Stamping booth, for Wolf Personalisation :)

le bb was very excited when he saw this...they had this last year as well, but I try not to stamp stuff on my books :p I usually just write my name and how much the book costs :p But now that I see his book, it's kinda growing on maybe I might stamp one or two the next time I head there :p

 le bb's book is "Big Bad Wolf" approved

 So, my haul for today: 16 books in total, RM136 altogether. I didn't get as many as I wanted to get though, cos I was holding myself back, and also had to save some money for house stuff since I just moved awhile back :p But now house stuff is all settled, so I can go back there again next week and splurge!! :p

Total damage, RM136, which is a total discount of 83% from the total retail price of  approximately RM806.50

You can check out at their website, if you want to have an idea of what sort of books are on sale. But do bear in mind that the books featured there are only a fraction of what is available.

It's so awesome, I'm planning to go there again next week! :D Speaking from experience, they wouldn't put out all the titles of the book one shot, so going again next week, I'm pretty sure there will be new titles available :D

See you there if you're going!!! :D


HouHouSek said...

wah so many books ><

choi yen said...

Great discount!! Available till 23rd Dec? Will go there grab some Jamie Oliver's cookbook, heard that it is very worthy!