Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guinness MarchMoreFun!!

It's MarchMoreFun again this entire month as Guinness celebrates their Largest Pub Crawl ever two weekends ago when they gathered their contest winners and members of the media to two full days of drink, fun and cheer!!!

There were more than 15,000 partygoers in the Klang Valley that reveled in St Patrick’s festivities hosted by the World’s favourite black brew GUINNESS®. True to the theme of ‘March More Fun’, the 3-day citywide celebration of all things green started on Friday, 15 March and during the three day celebration, thousands of Guinness fans came together to raise a pint in more than 60 outlets across the city centre.

Needless to say, yours truly was one of them *wink*

As a precursor to our Pub Crawl, we were entertained by renowned comedian Kuan Jen Han of MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) fame (Douglas entertained the crowd on Friday) whose humour got all the pub crawlers in stitches. 

The customary parade before the launch of the Pub Crawl to all the pubs in Changkat :) Beautiful ladies all lined up in a row :D

As I was lining up for my bus, I met one of my favourite DJs from Red, Jeremy!! After exchanging some small chit chat, I found out that he would be the MC of the bus I would be travelling in :D Quickly I made my way to le bb and got him to snap a pic or two of us. I mean, I'm not exactly a celebrity, so I hardly ever see Jeremy, much less be within the same sphere of conversation with him :p So I must seize the day!!! Carpe Diem! :D

Our double decker Bus C that brought us all the way from Souled Out in Hartamas to Changkat, escorted by outriders!!

200 lucky GUINNESS fans from the Klang Valley were given the rare opportunity to be part of the nation’s biggest Guinness Pub Crawl where we were chauffeured in the exclusive GUINNESS ST Patrick’s Bus to Changkat. As exclusive guests, we all received a St Patrick’s goodie bag consisting of 6 free Guinness Pints and a limited edition Guinness St Patrick’s Pub Crawl T-Shirt. 

The interior of the bus, plush seats and comfortable space

Our MC for the bus, Jeremy Teo :D It was fun and laughter as he regaled us with his MC skills and gave out prizes and goodies to everyone in the bus

Upon reaching Changkat, the party was already well under way, with revelers crowding the street and posing for photographs. There were magic shows and clowns, and dancers. The festivities have only just begun!

There were big bikers too!!!!! :D

The finale for the night was held at El Rincon, the posh Spanish restaurant (or maybe pub is more like it) at the start of Changkat.

Personally for me, one of the highlights of the night was when we were given the opportunity to  pour our "perfect pint". In other words, to be a bartender for the night.

First, you would have to push down the knob all the way down til it's 90degrees, and let it fill up your glass, which is supposed to be held at a 45 degree angle. Then what you do is, you let the glass fill up until it reaches the top of the Guinness logo on the cup. After that you stop the drafting, and let it stand while the drought settles.

After it settles, take up the glass once more, and push the knob back, to fill it with froth. When it's full, stop the pouring of the drought, and there you have it, your perfect pint of Guinness!

If you look closely, the glass on the left is the drought already settled, while the glass I am putting on the counter is the drought I just drafted, with the foam slowly settling in. Did you know, that Guinness is actually Ruby Red in colour instead of the normal black that we see? If you put it under the light, you can see the reddish hues. 

That's me posing with my perfect pint! Extremely proud of myself that it didn't overflow, and settled beautifully :)

As part of the celebrations, we were given a flurry of accessories to play around with :p le bb managed to get me some large glasses that made me look more like a nerd than I already was >.<

Our picture together during events :p we seldom take pics together cos he's always behind the lens, so must grab this opportunity when I can!!

For le bb, the main highlight of the night was when he won one of the Grand Prizes for the night, an iPad Mini!!! hahaha though it was sad that I didn't get it, but on hindsight, I guess it was better for him to get it than me cos I have never had anything Apple, so I wouldn't appreciate it as much. Now, if it was a Samsung tablet, or some other thingymajic, then maybe I would have minded :p But for now, I get to play my games on the iPad too, so win-win situation for me :D hahahaha

 The two lucky iPad Mini winners posing with their prizes and the DJs :)

The GUINNESS MarchMoreFun celebrations are still happening nationwide, so when it comes to a city near you, don't hesitate, go out and have MarchMoreFun!!! :D



Anonymous said...

i love your dress. may i know where you got it from? thanks.

choulyin.tan said...

hey, I got my dress online :) It's one of those online shopping boutiques, for RM26 only. You can search for them on Facebook, it's L's E-Closet