Thursday, March 21, 2013

MrLens Affiliate Program

Any of you guys out there who prefers to wear contacts instead of glasses?

For me, since I started wearing contacts, I seldom wear glasses when I need to go meet clients or events as I feel that glasses cover up my eyes, which are an important asset to any girl. But contact lenses are expensive, especially coloured I usually just buy the normal ones.

THEN I met MrLens :D

MrLens is online shop specialising in providing you with beautiful lenses that you can purchase online!

There are 4 types of lens category available which is the Daily Wear, Weekly Wear, Monthly Wear and coloured Lenses. Interested? Check out their range here.

The best part is, they have an affiliate program :) What's that, you ask? If you become an affiliate of MrLens, you will get lots of benefits in terms of advertising, and up to 10% reimbursement on advertising costs when your readers make a purchase from MrLens from your unique link. More info? click *here*

So how do you become an affiliate?

1. You will need to register as an affiliate here *click*

2. Fill up the form with all the particulars required and click 'continue'

3. You will be brought to a page where they tell you that you affiliate program registration is a success!

4. Continue to the next part, the Affiliate Program. Go to "Banners"

5. All you need to do is to insert the banner on your website, and you will start to enjoy the benefits from MrLens! There are three designs to choose from, and I got the last one :)

There you have it, 5 quick and simple steps to becoming the next Affiliate member of MrLens :)


MrLens is generous enough to gift two free boxes of Freshlook Colourblends (total worth: RM180) to all bloggers who register as an affiliate, and blog about it! Just follow these simple terms and conditions, and you will get your two free boxes in the mail very soon!

1. You will have to be an affiliate and place your banner for a month to qualify
2. Blog about the affiliate program (which I've just done)
3. Submit your blog post at the link here *click*
4. You will receive a redemption code to redeem preferred Freshlook Colourbelends contacts on MrLens after the campaign and it will be delivered to you for free within the Klang Valley!

Oh and one last titbit of information :D If you join this now, you will also be in the running to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 (worth RM1.2k) via a lucky draw at the end of the campaign!!!

I've already done it, have you? :D

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