Friday, April 12, 2013

5th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya

Two weeks ago, le bb and I went to the 5th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya to take a look at some hot air balloons!!!! This is my first time attending such a thing, and I was a total noob running around taking photos and squealing in delight :p

As you will see in some of the pictures later, the weather that day was gorgeous, and there was minimal cloud in sight! But pros and cons lo, it won't be raining anytime soon, but that also meant that it was freaking hot!!!!!!

However, we only went in the morning cos we didn't want to get stuck in the jam for the night festivities. Sad though it was that we couldn't see the fireworks, for me the morning show was good enough :) 

But enough about me, let the photos do the talking :)

*All photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy SIII

This was the first balloon that lifted up into the air that day

When we arrived in Putrajaya, there was already a crowd by the sidelines. We were lucky enough to enter the main area where the hot air balloons were all being filled up to take to the skies :D Those arriving later than that had to stand outside, and later, I heard that they can enter if they pay an entrance fee of RM2 (not sure if this is true though)

I like this shot :)

Wished the smurf will turn its head and look at me, but unfortunately the winds carried him away way too fast...

See no evil...hear no evil, speak no evil :D


Even Tune Talk had a balloon there!

One of the highlights of the bazaar was the giant bubble station :) even the kids are having fun!!! Being a fan of bubbles, I had a hand in it too, and I didn't regret it one bit

Our pic that day :) as you can see, my face was already getting oily due to the heat. 

Without a doubt, I will go there again next year. If you're going, see you there!!! :)


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Kelvin Tan said...

Up up, and away again! LOL

Choulyin said...

hahaha wished I could sit in them :(

yuhjiun said...

Morning sesh one so nice! When I went there, only few balloons fly up due to the weather TT!!

Choulyin said...

When did you go?

yuhjiun said...

Saturday evening :(

Choulyin said...

oh...okok i didn't go in the evening cos i heard there are a lot of cars :p so i went in the morning only :)