Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tea Party feat. Bag Of Love and Delectable by Su

When I hear about Tea Parties, the first thought that comes to mind would be Alice in Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter played host to a tea party with Alice as the guest.

When I heard that Bag of Love was going to collaborate with Delectable by Su for a special unboxing tea party for us beauty bloggers, I almost fell off my chair in delight! Mind you, it's pretty hard to fall off a chair with delight :p

Wondering who managed to bring about this special event? It was none other than the The Butterfly Project for Beauty Bloggers! They have always been the ones to bring us special events and giveaways and this is no different!

Themed 'The Unboxing Begins', 30 lucky bloggers will be selected to review and unbox Bag of Love's April Edition Bag at an exclusive event co-organised by Delectable (by Su) Treats at Paradigm Mall!

However, fret not if you're not invited for the unboxing, 20 other bloggers will also be chosen to review the Bag of Love, so all hope's not lost :)

So are you interested in attending the Great Unboxing? I know I am!!

Here are my top five reasons why I want to attend the Unboxing Tea Party!!!

1. I love Bag Of Love
Being someone who appreciates feeling pampered and loved, I always love to receive little gifts and samples. For such an affordable price of RM39.90, having five deluxe samples in a different-than-most bag instead of box, Bag of Love squeals with ingenuity.

One of the things I like about Bag of Love is their concept, which puts a twist on the popular 'beauty box' phenomena. Instead of using boxes, they use cosmetic bags, which every girl can reuse and recycle. I, for one, am always on the hunt for bags to put my million and one things :)

2. I love Delectable by Su
Since she was still a student overseas, I have been following her blog (which was introduced to me by my sis btw) and I always admire her tenacity in pursuing what she loves, and not let the pressures of study get her down. She is an inspiration in itself, and being able to meet her in person will definitely make my day. Her fondant cakes are to-die-for, and every time I walk past her shops, I would stop and look at the many beautiful creations that she has prepared.

her personal blog link --> *click*

3. I love Tea Parties!!!!!!
ok, so it's starting to sound a little boring, but I do!!! I would never miss out on a chance to attend a tea party, and these pictures below just serves to prove my point!

Attending a tea party, what better way than to attend it with your fellow bloggers and friends, to nibble on sweet treats and get pampered :) That is the life!!!

I had so much fun at the previous tea parties that I would love to attend another tea party hosted by none other than Su and Mimi!!! :)

4. I would love to meet all the beauty bloggers that I have yet to meet.
All this while, being in the fb group for beauty bloggers, I have come to know so many beautiful ladies who share the same passion as I do. Unfortunately, I have not met most of them in real life, and this will give me the advantage and platform to  meet all the wonderful bloggers who have now become a part of my blogging life :)

My heart is filled with nothing but LOVE for all of you!!!!

5. I want to have fun!


Pillow fights?

There are many ways girls can have fun with other girls, and having a tea party is one of them!!!! It would be so awesome to sip tea and eat scones and pastries and gossip about the latest trends in the beauty world.

Imagine, how splendid it would be to sip from dainty teacups with our pinkies up and selecting muffins from a tray adorned with delectable bite-sized nibbles!!!

If any of you girls (or guys) would like to join the Unboxing Tea Party, write a blogpost on why would you like to review the Bag of Love and/or attend the unboxing tea party at Delectable by Su. Don't forget to link back to The Butterfly Project's fanpage. More details here: *here*

Hope I will be one of the lucky ones picked to attend "The Unboxing Begins" :)



Kelvin Tan said...

So, tea party with Alice from Wonderland? Haha

HenRy Lee said...

so fun! i wanna join! :P

Anne Lee said...

wah, everything is so colourful. wish that I could join.

Choulyin said...

hahaha who knows?? :D

Choulyin said...

only for girls!!! :p

Choulyin said...

why not? :)

Tammy Lim said...

thanks for blogging about this Choulyin! <3

Choulyin said...

no worries Tammy! hope I can be selected! :)

Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman said...

Girls do just wanna have fun. And maybe stuff their face with treats. And maybe play with beauty products. Haha. We'll be in the same session by the way, see you there! :))


Choulyin said...

Yay can't wait to meet you!!!!! :) That's right, girls want to have all the fun in the world :D hehehe