Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mary Kay One Woman Can Makeover

Holla ladies :) I'm pretty sure you have already heard about the "One Woman Can" Beauty Contest right? If not, let me recap it for you here *click*

Thanks to Mary Kay, I got the chance to experience what it was like getting a makeover the Mary Kay way. My beauty consultant for this is Hasnah, a full-time Beauty Consultant who stays quite near me actually :)

I met her at the Mary Kay office in Jaya 33, and she brought me through the office, before finally settling me down to give me my two-hour explanation on skincare and cosmetics by Mary Kay.

First, I was given the hand treatment, Satin Hands, where I was given a scrub and beeswax to ensure the moisture is retained in my hands. After my hands were clean, Hasnah gave me a cleanser to cleanse my face, and a mask (Botanicals) to extract out the impurities from my face. I could really see the difference after using the mask (which is non-drying), because I did only a half mask, so I could easily compare the two sides. The mask had a visible lifting effect, which I felt was really good for my face :D

When my face was clean, we added moisturiser, and then it was on to makeup!

An array of the products used on me :p

Some people get the impression that a makeover has to be something dramatic, and eye-catching for a dinner event or something, but I think a makeover can also be something simple that one can use for every day wear. 

Hasnah was really patient with me as she showed me how to apply foundation and face powder the correct way. I really need to get a Kabuki Brush soon :p She also taught me how to highlight my nose and cheek area so that my features stand out, and she even gave me the volumising mascara cos she knew that my best features were my eyes and I wanted to showcase them.

That's me with my makeover guru, Hasnah :) Can you believe she is only in her 40s? She looks so much younger than that!
All in all, I was really satisfied with this make over, as she taught me what works well with my skin, and how I can wear natural colours to suit my everyday work wear. It was also a very pleasant experience speaking to her, and I felt very comfortable with her.

So do you like my new everyday look?

Have you gotten your make over from Mary Kay yet? Hurry up and join to be in the running for the One Woman Can Bloggers contest!

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