Sunday, June 02, 2013

Johor Food and Cultural Fest @ Seri Pacific Hotel

If you’re a Klang Valley resident but craving for some authentic Johor food without the 300 odd kilometers and over three hour head start for lunch or dinner, then make your way to Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Celebrating the Citrawarna Malaysia 2013, the Hotel together with Johor State Tourism has organised an elaborate Johor Food & Cultural Festival 2013 from now until 3 June 2013.

Officiated by YB Tee Siew Keong, the event is a fanfare of feast and festivities. Celebrity chef and Johor native, Chef Abdul Razak meticulously planned the array of offerings to include dishes from the yesteryears. 

Patrons to the Zende Restaurant where the Festival is held can sink their teeth into dishes such as Mee Rebus Tulang, Nasi Ambeng, Nari Briyani Kambing Beyh, Deng Deng Goreng, Otak-otak, Mee Bandung and Lemak Lodeh. Of course no Johor food festival is complete without the favourite crowd pleaser Laksa Johor. 

Mee Bandung spices, and condiments :D They're really good! 

Otak-otak available here as well, tastes really authentic too!

While enjoying dessert treats if traditional fares such as Kole Kacang, Pisang Salai, Binka Ubi, Cendol Durian, Nagasi and Kuih Sirat; be entertained by the culturally rich State with their lively joget and zapin as well as a medley of Johor folk songs. These dances will be performed daily during lunch time and dinner time.

Meanwhile, as eye candy the hotel lobby will be transformed into a mini Johor with displays of arts and crafts. Those interested may purchase them direct from these craft makers.

Part of the Johor fare we got to taste was the Kerabu Taugeh, which though looks spicy, is not as spicy as I thought it would be. I loved the crunchyness the taugeh gave out, and the spice of the onions and chillies were just right for my tastebuds. Who knew Johor had such amazing fare?

“As Johor was a gateway for many travelers in the olden days, its dishes have influences of traders such as the Arabs as well as those from Maritime South East Asia”, explained Chef Abd Razak.

So now I know,  Johor fare has so much influence from cultures all over the world!

Not sure if Johor has their very own special ulam, but for me, ulam is a must-try wherever I go for Malay fare. There's just something about the raw veges and belachan that goes very well together. I don't usually take the leafy vegetables, I take more the beans and cucumber and cabbage :D They taste awesome :)

Fruit Rojak, which is just delectable, and I like how they let you DIY your own rojak following your tastebuds. You get to pick which fruits you want in your rojak, and you get a chance to mix it all together as well :)

Soto Banja, which is hands down my ultimate favourite of all the Johor fare available at Seri Pacific. It tastes really authentic, and comes with ALOT of chicken slices, which I love. Went back to take two bowl of this :p

They had a great range of desserts going, and one round is simply not enough. You will have to go back for more!

The buffet lunch and dinner is available at Zende Restaurant from now until 3 June 2013 for RM68nett and RM78nett respectively. Reservations can be made at 03-4049 4351 or email [email protected] or visit their website at


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