Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: Honey Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub

Holla dearies!!!!

Just got back from a wonderful Blog Birthday Party hosted by Plusizekitten and TGV Cinemas! :) It was an awesome experience watching Man of Steel in the Beanieplex for the first time, but that's a story that will be told in another longer, more detailed post! Today, I will blog about a gift that we received at the party, a homemade Honey Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub made by Tammy herself!

I know, it's such a fast post up, but this is really my first lip scrub that I have ever gotten, so don't blame me for being so impatient and excited :p Why are there lip scrubs? Well, because like all parts of our body, our lips have dead skin too, and sometimes when your lips get too dry, they peel of and can look quite unsightly if you're using a matte lipstick. So, as is with regular scrubs, use the lip scrub once or twice a week to get rid of those dead skin cells and your lips will feel baby soft and renewed!

According to Tammy, the lip scrub is made out of sugar, coconut oil, honey, and strawberry, so it's sloughs off your dead skin cells on your lips, and is yummy too!

How to use the scrub?
Take a small size amount and apply it on your lips, and leave it on for a few minutes. After that, gently rub your lips in a circular motion to slough off the dead and dry skin. Do not rub it in one direction, but use a circular motion. This is to avoid the skin from tearing and hurting your lips. After you're done, rinse off with warm water, and apply some lip balm :)

How long can it last? 
Because it's edible and made of sugar, I would say about 1 or 2 weeks, but leave the scrub in the fridge, and it will last a little longer :)

Verdict: I love the feel it gives me after using it. My lips feel soft and supple, and most of my dry skin on my lips has been removed. Because it's made out of sugar, strawberries and honey, I love the taste of the scrub :) I think that's the beauty of making a lip scrub out of sugar. You enjoy the experience and taste of the scrub, and it can remove your dead skin as well! Two thumbs up!

Repurchase: Sadly, this is not available in stores so you can't repurchase them, but it has awakened my interest in making a lip scrub for myself when it runs out!

Thank you Tammy for the wonderful scrub, you've inspired me to make one of my own! :D

Have any of you ever made or tried lip scrubs before?  leave me a comment in the box below! I would love to hear about your experiences :)


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Arpita Bajaj said...

Brown sugar, honey and black tea works wonders as a scrub! It will also last longer because there is tea in it, and sugar is a preservative as well.