Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Irish Cream Pavlova

Holla ladies~

How are you guys feeling today? Today I'm going to review one of the many lip glosses I have in my arsenal of lip care :D This is a particular lip gloss that I find quite refreshing, as it has a sweet smell, and works kinda like a lip stain as well, so once you apply it, you don't have to worry about the colour fading away as it stays for about two to three hours.

Today's lip gloss is called a Lip Frosting, by Jelly Pong Pong. I know, it sounds so cute right? I got it from HiShop in the May Beauty Ambassador Pack, and you can read about the other product I got from them here *click*

Lip Frosting is formulated to coat your lips with a glossy sheen. Generously packed in a fat tube, it comes in a sheer cherry colour and is scented like a scrumptious dessert (hence, Irish Cream Pavlova). It has Grapeseed Oil, which keeps lips moisturised, and Aloe Vera Extract, which contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains Beeswax and Vitamin E, which also promotes healing.

A take on their ingredient list

I quite like the smell of the frosting. Because it's in a tube, it's a little hard to squeeze out, and one of its fall backs are that it doesn't come with a doe tip applicator. The opening is like any other normal tube opening, so you will have to use your hands to apply it on your lips. Either that, or you can use a cotton bud, or que-tip, if you will.

A small swatch on my hand :) It really does look like some icing frosting that you can see on sugar cakes right? Don't be fooled by the peachy looking colour. Once it goes on your lips, the colour changes.

The change in colour is not really noticeable here, but in real life, it's really pinkish in colour. And why I call it a mild stain, is because even after I washed off the gloss on my finger, my finger still retains the pinkish colour until it finally fades about three hours later.

This is how it looks on me :D I love the colour as it gives my lips a natural shine and pink colour. I would say it's a pretty suitable product for me, and I wouldn't mind repurchasing it when it runs out.

The only problem I have with it is that it comes in a fat tube, which makes it hard to bring around. But I guess with the mild lip stain function, I don't have to bring it everywhere as the colour would stay on my lips long enough.

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase: Maybe

Pro: Sweet smell, Lip stain retains the lip colour and gives it a natural finish.

Cons: Big tube so it's not very portable, no doe tip applicator to enable smooth application on your lips.

The Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting is available for purchase at HiShop.My for RM60 a tube, simply click the link to get there! *click*



ahlost said...

Looks nice.. I don't normally put on lip gloss.. but i'm gonna give the one i got from MIvva box June edition a try :)

Choulyin said...

yes you should! I prefer it over lipstick :p hehehe some more can keep your lips moisturised :D I haven't tried the Mivva one yet either, but I think that's a good one..it's a good brand

Kelvin Tan said...

Jelly Pong Pong sounds like some kind of dessert. LOL

Henry Tan said...

jelly pong pong! cute name! haha

Merryn Tan said...

I super love the pink hue but seriously, they should come out with something slimmer. This looks like a tube of facial wash or something...

Choulyin said...

haha I thought it was a dessert too! but it's actually a cosmetics brand :p

Choulyin said...

haha yea lo...that's why I don't even bring it out...it's too bulky >.<

Choulyin said...

it reminds me of flubber :p

hildamilda said...

HEHEH can eat one ahh? Cause it's irish cream pavlova :P Seems not bad!

Caroline May Ling said...

Love how natural the color is! <3

Choulyin said...

hahahha cannot eat la, only can smell and taste a bit :p

Choulyin said...

yes! It's not too red and bright also :)