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Review: WonderBox May Edition 2013

The WonderBox May Edition came in the mail last week, and I'm pretty excited to show you what I've gotten this time around :) The box actually came to my house on a day when we weren't around, so they had to make a second delivery, after which I made sure that le bb was home to receive it :p I was pretty excited when I came home from work that day cos I wanted to see what goodies I had in the box

Ta-daaaaa!!!!! When I first got hold of the box, I realised that they are heavy, and I thought to myself, what else are they going to put in this month's edition? I opened it up and I was truly amazed. Aren't they great? Three full sized products, which is more than any subscriber to beauty boxes could ask for. Not sure which is the Full-sized product? Read on to find out!

Bio Essence Radiant Youth Essente with ATP (RM??/ 20ml)

A more defined facial contour sans surgery is now within reach, thanks to Bio-essence V Face Series. A technological breakthrough, the use of chemical compound Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is introduced in the new formula of Bio-essence V Face Series as a solution to sagging skin and chubby-looking face contours.

When I saw ATP, I was like, oh it's Biology all over again! ATP is actually a type of coenzyme that stores energy that the body needs for all its functions. Trust me when I say ATP is good for you, because I spent the better part of two years in F6 being told how good ATP was :p Can't wait to try out this product :)

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack (RM??/ 50ml)

As skin renew at night, this product is formulated with "Progressive Release System" to continuously release intensive moisture throughout the night. Contains purified Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Extract, and Ionic Mineral complex that helps enhance skin translucency, firms up skin and reduces fine lines so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft, and supple skin in the morning.

I was first introduced to sleeping masks in the May Mivva box *click* and I really loved the concept. There's no hassle of removing it, just apply it on your face and go to sleep! Just another additional step in your night time skin care routine. Though you need to be careful not to move around too much so that it doesn't stain your pillow :p I'm pretty stoked about this product, cos I feel that it's another good way to give your skin the moisture it needs that it otherwise doesn't usually get. :)

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel (RM??/ ??ml) This is 8ml

This product claims to be able to remove blackheads in just one step! It rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells, rubs away blackheads painlessly, contracts pores for refined skin, removes oil seeds, brightens dull complexion, and enhances quick absorption of skin care products.

Not too sure how I feel about this product being in this month's box, as it's a drugstore brand that anyone can get quite easily. The price range of this product is also on the mid to low end, so anyone who wanted to get this product could purchase it pretty easily. Having said that though, I don't mind giving this product a try, seeing as how a beauty box is supposed to open up the door to beauty discovery of products we otherwise wouldn't even consider. So let's see if this product is able to wow me :)

 The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter (RM20.00/ 50ml)

 On top of the three products given to us in the box, we also had complimentary gifts, and The Body Shop Body Butter is one of them. I'm quite glad that I got this instead of the other alternative product, which is the Murad Pore Refining Gel (which I already have 5 of).

This is how the body butter looks from the inside. I thought it would be a little more like a balmy texture, but it's like melted cream :p According to some other blogger friends, it's too oily but for me, it's just right. I just take a little of it, and I can apply it all over my body. Not to mention the smell is really nice, kinda like mandarin oranges :D

 Le Scenteur EDT and Whitening Hand and Body Lotion

 The second gift we got was from Le Scenteur EDT and Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. The smell was a little overpowering when I opened the box, mostly cos a little bit of the EDT actually spilled out a little, wetting the cardboard holder, hence spreading the fragrance out all over the box. In a little bit of concentration, it's ok, but not too much.

Ginvera Whitening Sample Kit

This is a supplementary of the Ginvera Marvel Gel above.

Verdict: I quite like this month's Edition of the WonderBox. It's good that they gave lots of full sized items, but I'm not really sure how much all of them cost :( The price tags were not printed in the description label. Though these are drugstore brands, they are not cheap, ranging in the price range of about RM40-60/70 I would say? Having said that, I wasn't sure if Ginvera was thrown in as an after thought (cos there were no more products to feature), or if it was really meant to be in there.

I was quite relieved that I got the body butter instead of the Murad Pore Refiner. I got the Pore Refiner previously from a redemption program, and if I were to get some more Pore Refiner, I would not be too happy about it. Having said that, I'm not entirely sure whether giving out stuff which has already been given out in previous boxes is a good thing or not. I mean, there are the pros and cons of things. Pro, it's a really good product and people don't mind getting the same thing twice. Con, if it's the same product that people don't really use in the first place, so they might not take to it easily.

So what did you think about your WonderBox this month? Leave me a comment below!!

Wonderbox is available to subscribers for a fee of RM45 a month. If you are excited about this month's box and would love to subscribe to it, just click the referral link here :) *click*


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