Friday, July 19, 2013

Bloggers' Massage Party @ Amante Nail Spa Seri Petaling

Life getting too hectic for you? Feeling like a break? Well, then you're in for a treat because Amante is having a three day open house where you will be able to experience all that Amante has to offer, like the Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stones Massage, as well as pedicures and manicures.

Thanks to the Butterfly Project, we got to experience the Amante service first hand whereby 50 bloggers were invited to a special massage party just for us :)

It was everything someone could ask for when we came for the massage party. There were so many cakes and pastries, even tea and coffee was served! I really loved the deco for the party, especially the green themed party cakes and drinks! I really salute Ask Joey for the beautiful deco and all the thought she put into making something happen.  

Just look at all those goodies!!!! Aren't they delectable? They all look super awesome to me!

We were pampered with Zen Green Tea

And there were even Rest and Relax Cookies! There were two colours to the cookies, each saying Amante, and Relax respectively :)

Woooo cupcakes!!!! Don't you just love Ask Joey???

For bloggers who want to have manicures, there are arrays of OPI nail colours to choose from

Check out all the amazing colours!!!!

I can go on and on about the Massage party, but I think it's best that I let just the pictures do the talking :)

All these lovely Pastries were provided for by Teaffani Pattiseries! :)

The massage room, where I had my Aromatherapy Massage :) It was an awesome massage, the masseuse was professional, and she knows what she is doing. I loved the relaxing ambience and the music they played was very relaxing as well :)

After my massage, I did a manicure, and this was one of the steps the manicurist did to remove my nail polish that I had on previously. I find that this was a very special method of removing nail polish, by soaking the cotton in remover, and then wrapping it with aluminium foil. It works wonders actually, you just wait a while, then you pull off the foil, and your nail polish comes off with it! Quick and efficient way :)

There were so many colours to choose from, I didn't know which colour to pick!

In the end I decided on the Minnie Mouse range, with liquid sand. After applying the nail polish, was glad that the colour was not too bright to be overbearing, and not too dark to make it look too goth. What I loved most was the texture, somewhat like sand, even after the manicurist applied a layer of topcoat on it.

Doesn't my nails look divine? And it lasts long too. It's been two weeks since I applied it, and it's still intact, with no chips at all. I really love this liquid sand range, and fully recommend it to anyone who wants long lasting nail colour :)

 as I mentioned at the beginning of my post, Amante is having an Open House for three days, from Friday (19 July) to Sunday (21 July), where there will be free treatment for new customers who come for the open house. So if you're a first time customer, be sure not to miss out on this open house, because I assure you,  you will not regret it :)

Do head on over to any Amante branch near you, and be treated to any massage treatment, be is Aromatherapy Massage, or the Hot Stones Massage. You will also have a chance to try Manicures, and undergo Lymphatic Detoxification Treatments if your heart so desires :)

So wait not, hurry to any Amante branch near you this weekend!


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