Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Review: Facework Esthetic at Sunway Mentari

After a long and tiring week of working non-stop and sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, I feel like a pampering session is in order :D Because I've never done a facial before, I decided to take the plunge, and try it out to see if it's really all it's hyped up to be.

I decided to have my maiden facial over at Facework Esthetic, a little shoplot located in Sunway Mentari, just opposite Sunway Pyramid. Facework Esthetic Sdn Bhd, renowned as a member of Branding Association, was established in year 2012. As I know, they are one of the the esthetic centers in Sunway that provides the latest Korea style cosmetic surgery with a comprehensive makeover trip to Korea (if you require it).

I was quite impressed with the interior of the place, they bring quite a few renowned international brands like Cell Labs, so I know they are definitely worth the money :)

This is their pair room, where you can have your facial done with a friend.

At this corner, you can leave your clothes on the countertop and your jewelery in the little glass jar on the countertop. What I like about the place is that it's very pristine, and it gives me a very cosy and ambient feel, I don't feel uneasy at all about the place, and that's a plus point for me :)

This is the VIP room, where VIPs get special treatment, and it also comes with an attached bathroom! :)

 After the facial, girls can redo their make up at the large mirror in the communal bathroom, and everything is provided, from a hairdryer, to cotton buds, cotton wool, even contact lense solution! I love how they are so sensitive to a woman's needs :D There is even the small mascara and eyeliner if you forgot to bring your make up bag, so you can at least line your eyes and go out with minimal make up :D

For me, this time around, as it is my first facial, the facial expert (with over ten years experience) recommend that I take the Deep Cleansing Facial first, to condition my face. This Deep Cleansing Facial consists of the usual cleanse, scrub, tone, clay mask, cooling moisturising mask, extraction, neck and face massage and finally the moisturiser.

During the mask session, I felt really great and almost fell asleep :p After that entire facial my skin felt so refreshed that I didn't even bother to put on my bare essentials make up :D

The waiting area

Facework Esthetic incorporates a reputable - more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and awards winning plastic surgeons and professional worldwide - Malaysia, Singapore, U.K, Korea and Taiwan.

Apart from the deep cleansing facial that I did, they also provide other one stop solution services such as:

· Cosmetic surgery
· Non-invasive esthetic treatment
· Invasive esthetic treatment
· Body contour treatment
· Scar smoothing treatment
· Anti-aging placenta with stem cell treatment
· Whitening and collagen booster
· DNA reprogram system (T8)

To share on the latest beauty trends, I found out that they constantly extend exclusive workshop and seminar invitations to their privileged members such as ‘Ultra Lift Seminar’, ‘T8 DNA Reprogram Workshop’, ‘Anti-aging with Different Placentas’.

The vision of Facework Esthetic is where you can be beautiful by intensifying your level of confidence. With the wide range services offered, they are confident to deliver the most effective and efficient result to cater your needs.

Check out my clean and revived face! Even without make up, my dark circles are lighter, and my skin looks more glowing and youthful :)

I am a very satisfied customer at Facework Esthetic, and I really enjoyed myself there :) I will definitely come back again for follow up facials, and hope that I will be able to build a long term relationship with this particular esthetic centre :)

Guys, if you haven't tried out Facework, do give them a try, I promise you wouldn't be disappointed! Their service is impeccable, and you will love the treatment they give you :)

Oh and do be a fan of their facebook page (link below) in order to keep up to date with their latest promotions! :)

Facework Esthetic Sdn Bhd (Facebook link) :



hildamilda said...

Woots can't wait for my session when I'm back in KL :D

Choulyin said...

when are you coming back? I think you will love this!

Caroline May Ling said...

Oh i went last Saturday! Super love the result! My pores totally clean and yes! the my dark circle and eye bag also gone like magic! T_T Can I go everyday ah?

p/s: might need to curi ur 1st pic here! Forgot to take it cz dat time too hot summore. >.<